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29 May 2020 86

INGESTED release new music video featuring 38 cameo…

in News by Edvardsen
British kings of death metal INGESTED have unveiled a lockdown video for new single ‘Dead Seraphic Forms’, and announced the release of new album Where Only Gods May Tread on 14th August via Unique Leader. The video for ‘Dead Seraphic Forms’…
29 May 2020 73

RHODIUM Feature Live Performance In New Official Video For…

in News by Edvardsen
Greek metal group Rhodium have released a new video featuring the track The Emperor which is taken from their latest album, the excellent Sea Of The Dead. Here’s what the band had to say; “Watch our latest video with footage from our live…
28 May 2020 75

NEON ANGEL Joins Sliptrick

in News by Edvardsen
Rising from the infamous streets of Tampere, Finland, the new hard rock band Neon Angel is ready to extend its wings. Carrying out a mission for the “gods of rock’n’roll”, the five-piece always delivers, both on-stage…
28 May 2020 69

EXILED ON EARTH 'Parsec Devourer' video out now!

in News by Edvardsen
“Parsec Devourer” videoclip, for the song taken from latest album “Non-Euclidean”, in available on YouTube! “Non-Euclidean” is the new album for heavy metallers Exiled on Earth. It is available in digital format since…
VERITATES album2020
28 May 2020 93

VERITATES Home Video for 'Discovery' released

in News by Edvardsen
VERITATES has released a new Home video for the song "Discovery". That song is on the album "Killing Time", which was released on January 17th, 2020 via PURE STEEL RECORDS on CD. The Album is also available as Download.…
FULCI band
27 May 2020 90

FULCI premiere video for 'Apocalypse Zombie'!

in News by Edvardsen
Today, fast-rising Italian death metal force FULCI premiere their new video for "Apocalypse Zombie" at Slam Worldwide. The clip is streaming now below: The clip was shot by Salvatore Delle Femmine during the release…
27 May 2020 178

DISAVOWED to Release New Album 'Revocation of the Fallen'…

in News by Edvardsen
Dutch Brutal Death Metallers DISAVOWED will release its long-anticipated new album Revocation of the Fallen July 31 on Brutal Mind. A lyric video for the album's first single, "The Enlightened One," is available for…
Forged In Black album2019
27 May 2020 128

FORGED IN BLACK prepare to release 'Ten Years At The Forge'

in News by Edvardsen
Ten years of heavy metal, ten years of British steel, ten years at the forge...Over the last decade Forged In Black have released two full length albums and three EPs. They’ve played Hammerfest with Sepultura and…
25 May 2020 81

ULVEDHARR 'Land of Heroes' lyric video released

in News by Edvardsen
Death metallers Ulvedharr have recorded a lyric video for the song ‘Land of Heroes’, which makes their personal contribution in the fight against COVID-19. Watch the video here: The song was recorded during the current…
25 May 2020 126

NINTH CIRCLE 'Riding The Storm' official single from the…

in News by Edvardsen
The single of the US-Metal Band NINTH CIRCLE "Riding The Storm" was released on The Orchard. The release date of the new album „Echo Black" on CD is June 26th, 2020 via PURE UNDERGROUND RECORDS. The pre-order phase will…
25 May 2020 112

BLACK KNIGHT official video for 'Road To Victory' released

in News by Edvardsen
BLACK KNIGHT has released a new video for the song "Road To Victory". That song is on the new album "Road To Victory", which will be released on CD on June 26th, 2020 via Pure Steel Webshop. BLACK KNIGHT reach for the…
21 May 2020 107

BE THE WOLF 'Stallone' video available

in News by Edvardsen
Be The Wolf , featuring songwriter Federico Mondelli (Frozen Crown, Volturian), have released a video for the song ‘Stallone’, the new single taken from their latest album ‘Empress’, available on Scarlet Records. The…

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