Omraade album2017
28 April 2017 40

OMRÅDE present "Styrking Leið" official videoclip

in News by Edvardsen
The visionary and avantgarde Post Metal project OMRÅDE releases an amazing official video for the song “Styrking Leið”. It´s the first single out from the already critical acclaimed album “Nåde” that will be in stores,…
28 April 2017 36

FATHER BEFOULED to release "Desolate Gods" June 23 via Dark…

in News by Edvardsen
After a five-year wait, veteran Dark Descent alumni Father Befouled return with Desolate Gods, their 4th full length offering of twisted and cacophonous death metal chaos. Picking up where 2012's Revulsion Of Seraphic…
28 April 2017 31

MADROST Return June 27 with 'The Essence of Time Matches No…

in News by Edvardsen
MADROST returns with a new full-length album titled The Essence of Time Matches No Flesh on June 27! Featuring seven tracks of Orange County's finest Progressive Thrash Metal from one of the scene's most sci-fi bands!…
MALAMORTE album2017
27 April 2017 41

MALAMORTE „Satan Goes To Heaven To Destroy The Kingdom Of…

in News by Edvardsen
The release date of the new album „Satan Goes To Heaven To Destroy The Kingdom Of God“ by the Italian Occult Doom/Heavy Metal Band MALAMORTE on CD is June 9th, 2017. The pre-order phase will start on May 26th, 2017 in…
DA BOANAD album2017
27 April 2017 31

DA BOANAD "Scheinheilig" – official single from the album…

in News by Edvardsen
The second single of the Bavarian Hardrock Band DA BOANAD - "Scheinheilig" was released on Soundcloud. The release date of the new DA BOANAD album „Mystericum“ on CD is June 2nd, 2017. The pre-order phase will start on…
god dethroned band
27 April 2017 39

GOD DETHRONED releases video for new track, “Annihilation…

in News by Edvardsen
Next week (May 5th), Dutch death metallers God Dethroned will unleash their new album, The World Ablaze, worldwide via Metal Blade Records! In anticipation of this release, the band has launched a new video for the…
kreator band
27 April 2017 36

KREATOR exclusive live performance with Papa Emeritus III…

in News by Edvardsen
On Tuesday, German thrash titans KREATOR delivered an exclusive live performance on the German late-night show "Circus HalliGalli" together with two very special singers on stage: For the song 'Satan Is Real', Papa…
27 April 2017 43

KALOPSIA Streaming New Song "Destined to Return"

in News by Edvardsen
New Jersey Death Metal Derelicts KALOPSIA have released a new song from forthcoming album Angelplague. Stream "Destined to Return" below: KALOPSIA will release Angelplague May 19 through Horror Pain Gore Death…
26 April 2017 34

IN TORMENTATA QUIETE reveal "Finestatico" cover and…

in News by Edvardsen
With "Finestatico" Italian Theatrical Metallers IN TORMENTATA QUIETE will present their 4th full-length album.It will be the natural continuation of "Cromagia" with a more direct and Metal production (thanks also to the…
26 April 2017 43

WALPYRGUS "Walpyrgus Nights" details revealed - First Song…

in News by Edvardsen
We’ve all heard the stories of legendary antics and debauchery backstage at Metal concerts – and while that is exciting to read or gossip about, very often there’s another conversation that happens back there, on the…
DØDSENGEL album2017
26 April 2017 43

DØDSENGEL New track premiere

in News by Edvardsen
The Norwegian cult act DØDSENGEL are premiering a brand new song taken off their highly anticipated new full lenght album entitled "Interequinox", scheduled for release on May 19th by the French label Debemur Morti…
26 April 2017 32

VOODOMA signs to Pride & Joy Music, new album available in…

in News by Edvardsen
Based in Düsseldorf, Germany the group since 2002 has released six albums and three EP’s and played more than 150 live shows and several big festivals including Wacken Open Air, Ragnaröck, Castle Rock plus many more!…
Below album2017
25 April 2017 45

BELOW releases video for new track, “Disappearing into…

in News by Edvardsen
On May 19th, Swedish epic doom metallers Below will release their new album, Upon A Pale Horse, worldwide via Metal Blade Records! To hear the new single, “Disappearing Into Nothing”, Check below: Video shot and edited…
25 April 2017 37

DISTILLATOR 'Summoning The Malicious' video clip available

in News by Edvardsen
Dutch Thrashers DISTILLATOR proudly present another song from their sophomore full-length "Summoning The Malicious", which will be released on 1st May 2017 via Empire Records. A video for the album’s title track is…
25 April 2017 38


in News by Edvardsen
The release date of the TORMENTOR album „Morbid Realization“ on limited vinyl edition is June 2nd, 2017. The Album will release in a limited Edition of 300 black copies and insert on vinyl. The east German Thrash Metal…
We Are Legend band
24 April 2017 36

WE ARE LEGEND Lyric Video „Hungry Mirrors“ released!

in News by Edvardsen
WE ARE LEGEND has released a new lyric video for the song "Hungry Mirrors". That song is on the album "Rise Of The Legend", which was released on November 8th, 2013 via PURE LEGEND RECORDS. Known from bands like…
24 April 2017 36

SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER to release "Generation of Terror" EP…

in News by Edvardsen
California's death-thrash machine Sacrificial Slaughter return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions for the release of Generation of Terror. Since forming more than 15 years ago, Sacrificial Slaughter has grown into…
BLACK HAWK album2017
24 April 2017 38

BLACK HAWK “Just Like In Paradise” – official single from…

in News by Edvardsen
The second single of the German veterans BLACK HAWK - "Just Like In Paradise" was released on Soundcloud. The release date of the new BLACK HAWK album „The End Of the World“ on CD is May 19th, 2017. The pre-order phase…

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