ABYSSIC A Winter's Tale

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ABYSSIC A Winter's Tale
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In 1997 Memnock (Susperia) founded Abyssic Dreams and recorded a two song demo, but not much happened after that since Susperia was founded and became the main focus for Memnoc. Fifteen years later he decided to bring the project back to life after a coincidentally meeting with Andre Aaslie who had just finished recording the debut album of Gromth. The two decided to exchange ideas for a doom metal project and within a year and a half they had enough material to start recording. The band name was changed to Abyssic and they recruited Elvorn (Susperia) on guitar and Asgeir Mickelson (Borknagar, Ihsahn, Spiral Architect) on drums before entering Toproom Studio to start the recording process. After a few years in the making 'A Winter's Tale' is finally here and believe me, it's been worth the wait if you're a fan of epic and orchestral doom metal. The album consist of four only four songs, but each of them last between 12 and 28 minutes and the total runtime is around one hour and ten minutes. Musically this is doom metal more or less in the same vein as for instance Swallow The Sun, but with orchestral arrangements taken to another level. It's not easy to keep the listeners interest through a 28 minutes long song, but Abyssisc manages to do that with the the beautiful title track and I actually just want to press the repeat button everytime i heard that track. That actually says the most about the excellent job Mr. Aaslie has done creating theese atmospheric, epic and beautiful orchestral arrangements. The rest of the material follows up with the same impressing quaity too. Memnock does an excellent job with the vocals as well, his deep death grunts simply fits the material like a glove. 'A Winter's Tale' is also blessed with a very good production, organic and warm with sufficiant space to allow details to shine through. Enough said, if your're looking for only one doom metal album this year then Abyssic's 'A Winter Tale' is a safe bet.



'A Winter's Tale' 2016

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