COMMUNIC Where Echoes Gather

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COMMUNIC Where Echoes Gather
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It's been seven long years since Communic released their last album, 'The Bottom Deep', so their new album has been anticipated by fans around the world for quite a while but now it's finally here. I still remember the day back in 2004 when Oddleif sent me a three track demo entitled 'Conspiracy In Mind', I was blown away by what I heard and predicted major metal labels to stand in line to sign this new Norwegian band. A few months later Communic were signed by Nuclear Blast and the rest is history. Oddleif and his bandmates had most of the material for a new album ready a couple of years after the release of 'The Bottom Deep', but due to the birth of Oddleif's latest son the recording was put on hold. During his home-time he decided to put all the new material on hold for a later occation, and decided to reignite some old material and ideas instead. Some of these ideas are more than 20 years old. Afer inking a new deal with AFM Records the finsihing touch were laid down on the new album and 'Where Echoes Gather' was born. The first thing that came to my mind after having heard the album was; "Well, it sounds like Communic", and that's of course a good sign. The style is still dark, riff based and melodic metal in the boderline between progressive metal and power metal. 'Where Echoes Gather' is probably the most progressive Communic album to date, but with the bands trademark thrashy power metal riffs and dark melodic atmosphere still very intact. I've listened through the album several times now and I must admit that it took me a while to really get in to the material to discover the greatness of thsese songs, but once I did there was no turning back. Despite the bands impressive discography I'm tempted to say that this is probably the best Communic album since 'Conspiracy In Mind'. Welcome back guys, and please don't let us wait another seven years for the next one. 



Where Echoes Gather (2017)

The Bottom Deep (2011)

Payment Of Existence (2008)

Waves Of Visual Decay (2006)

Conspiracy In Mind (2005)

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