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DIVIDED MULTITUDE: Christer Harøy talks about their new album


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The Norwegian prog metal band, Divided Multitude released their new album “Feed Your Misery” in April this year. They are also going to play some gigs in trøndelag this autumn, and are planning to do a Norwegian tour early next year. Here you can read what guitarist Christer Harøy had to say about it.


The band Divided Multitude was started in 1995. Can you tell me about the beginning?

We basically started out to be a coverband, but already on our first rehearsal we started to write our own material, and we recorded our first demo in 1996, and I also think we made material for a new demo the same year. I'm not sure but I think we released our second demo early 1997, which led to us signing a recording-deal with Sensory Records.


Why did you choose to call the band Divided Multitude? Can you tell me about the name?

I think we wanted a name that could be interpreted in different ways, and also been seen as a paradox, in the sense that "is it a multitude, if it's divided?"


Divided Multitude released the album “Feed Your Misery” in April this year. Can you tell me about it?

It's a Divided Multitude-sounding album I think, with heavy riffing and melodic choruses. It is maybe a more "effective" album this time, meaning that the songs are a bit shorter, but still containing the elements we want to bring into the songs.

The album is recorded in our own studios, and mixed and mastered by the great Jacob Hansen. He's really a maestro, and we can't thank him enough.

The cover is done by Per Spjøtvold, also a mastermind. I think the cover turned out really, really good, and truly reflects the title of the album, and what the album is about.


What about the lyrics. Can you tell me about them? What is the album about?

Well, the album isn’t a concept album, so the lyrics vary upon different themes. But songs like “Feed On Your Misery”, “The World Is Watching” and “Seconds” focus upon the role media plays in the world today. “Reborn” is about breaking out of the role your surroundings expect you to play; to be yourself. “Scars” is about the ultimate treason. Transparent is about being outside, looking in, desperately wanting to be part of the “inside”.


Why did you choose to call your album “Feed Your Misery”?

"Feed On Your Misery" was one of the first tracks written for the album, and lyrically it reflects and represents many of the other tracks on the album as well. The song is about how far the media is willing to go to get their frontpage. It is based upon the ""News Of The World-scandal" a couple of years ago. Misery sells, and it is shocking to see how media is feasting in this.




You have made a music video for the song “Scars”. Why did you choose to make a video for that song?

We chose the song "Scars", because it represents the "Divided Multitude-sound" in a good way. It has the heavy riffs, the melodic vocals, keyboard

and guitar solo..........saying it like this makes it sound pretty boring......he, he, he, he. But it has the typical DM harmonies and chord progression as well.


How do you proceed when you make music? Are all the members involved all the time?

It is me, and Eskild (keyboards) that writes the songs, and we send mp3s of it to the rest of the guys, and we make the final arrangements on the songs together in the rehearsal-room.


From where do you get inspiration when you make music?

Ahhhhh.......difficult question......I get inspired by all sorts of things, like listening to other artists, watching tv, being out for a walk, showering........he, he, he. And it’s something about the process of writing and recording new material I really find appealing. I really love the process, and that itself is an inspiration.


Can you tell me about the cover artwork?

The cover artwork is done by Per Spjøtvold, and we gave him "free hands" to do whatever he wanted. We sent him the lyrics for "Feed On Your Misery", and told him about some thoughts we had behind the title and lyrics, and he came up with this great cover art, and cover design. As I mentioned, I think the cover artwork reflects the title of the album perfectly.


You are as far as I know from Bjugn in Trøndelag – Norway. How is the metal scene at Bjugn?

Well, Bjugn is a small place outside Trondheim, and there are not too many people living here, but still I believe there is an interest for metal here. So we try to play one or two gigs here every year. Still it's not what I would call a good metal-scene, but we're located close to Trondheim, a where I think the metal-scene is very good.


What about touring, are going to tour in Norway in the nearest future?

In September and October we will play some gigs in Norway, and tour Europe with the amazing Fates Warning. The gigs in Norway is in Trondheim, the 6th. of September, with Leprous, the 19th. of October in Trondheim as well on a Black Sabbath Tribute, and 26th. of October in Bjugn Kulturhus with Circus Maximus.

We hope to do a Norwegian tour in January/February. We're working on it now, so we'll see what happens.

Do check our tourdates at


Finally, anything you want to say to your Norwegian fans?

We want to say thank you for the support throughout so many years, and do check out our new album. Hope to see many of you on tour and at gigs in the future :-)


Thank you very much for answering my questions, and good luck with the new album, and the upcoming tour.


Photo: Erik Paulsen


Written by Anne Camilla Bergkvist. \m/J \m/





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