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GWYDION reveals hot details from their upcoming self-titled album


Folk Viking Metal warriors Gwydion will release their brand new and self-titled album on November 13th through Art Gates Records worldwide!

The cover art has been created by Joe A. Arca (Dragonfly, Noctem, Coffeinne …) and represents all of Gwydion history, in this case it shows the Battle of Trees (Cad Goddeu) where Gwydion animates the trees of the forest to fight as his army.

Comment from the band about the new album: “25 years have passed, and we are eager to release this ultimate masterpiece to our fans! This album sums everything you want to hear from the band, we have put everything we had on this one, it’s a big album with almost 74 minutes!! It’s epic, melodic, dramatic, heroic, everything you expect from Gwydion! This will also have many surprises including several special guests that you will be amazed!!


So Triskelion Horde, get yourselves ready because at 13th of November we march together and fight until the end!


GWYDION album2020


Tracklist as follows:

1. Stand Alone
2. The Bards
3. The Chair of the Sovereign
4. Hostile Alliance
5. Battle of Alclud Ford
6. Cad Goddeu
7. Gwydion
8. Dead Song
9. Steed Song
10. Ale Mead and Wine
11. A Battle
12. Plaeu Yr Reifft
13. Hammer of the Gods
14. A Roda


The album has been recorded at The Pentagon mixed, mastered and produced by Fernando Matias.


After 25 years as a band and releasing four albums of studio: “Ynys Mon” (2008), “Horn Triskelion” (2010), “Veteran” (2013) and “Thirteen” (2018), Gwydion are more than ready to unleash their ultimate opus.


Pre Order options coming!


Epic, Death , Black , Viking , Folk



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