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DREAM THEATER A View From The Top Of The World
Album E Even   November 01, 2021   2635 1 2 0
A View From The Top Of The World is the 15th full length album from prog metal veterans Dream Theater and it comes with a very nice cover with a little bit of inspiration from Norwegian nature. As always...
Album E Even   February 25, 2019   2188 1 2 0
Following up their last epic opus 'The Astonishing' Dream Theater seems to be moving in the opposite direction for this new one with a heavier and more back to the roots approach. My first impression of 'Distance Over Time'...
Album E Even   September 05, 2017   2263 1 2 0
'Malina' is the fifth studio album from Norwegian prog rockers Leprous and it represents a slight change in direction musically comparred to their previous releases. The change is not too dramatic but I guss you can say the the...
FATES WARNING Theories Of Flight
Album E Even   July 06, 2016   4187 1 1 0
Fates Warning has always sorted among my absolute favorite bands when it comes to progressive metal, mostly due to the monumental albums released in the early stages carreer such as 'Awaken The Guardian', 'Parallels' and basically all their other...
Album E Even   November 10, 2014   4634 1 1 0
Nightingale is the brainchild of Swedish producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Dan Swanö also known from among others Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath and Witherscape. While most of his other projects points in the direction of death- and extreme metal Nightingale...
FATES WARNING Darkness In A Different Light
Album E Even   October 31, 2013   2715 1 1 0
After nine years of absence from the limelight Fates Warning are finally back with a brand new studio album. I first discovered Fates Warning when they released ´Awaken the guardian´ back in 1986 and I still enjoy their first...
REDEMPTION Frozen In The Moment - Live In Atlanta
Dvd LN Leif Neverdahl   November 16, 2011   3518 0 1 0
Tight, teknisk og melodiøst. Legg til stemmeprakten til Ray Alder og god lyd, resultatet er rett og slett utrolig bra. 'Frozen In The Moment - Live In Atlanta' inneholder ikke en eneste dårlig sang, noe som nok ikke forundrer...
Album A ArcticMetal   November 16, 2011   2351 0 1 0
Etter ti års eksistens i 2003 bestemte de svenske progrockerne i Ritual seg for å markere jubileet med et livealbum. Dette på tross av at man i løpet av disse årene ikke har gitt ut mer enn tre studioalbum....
Album A ArcticMetal   November 16, 2011   2548 0 1 0
Kanadas store sønn Devin Townsend er klar med et nytt album under navnet Devin Townsend Band, som etterfølger ”Accelerated Evolution” fra 2003. Mannen selv hevder bandet hører hjemme i sjangeren pop-prog-metal, noe som kan være en gyldig betegnelse. Enkelt...
THE TANGENT A Place In The Queue
Album A ArcticMetal   November 16, 2011   2433 0 1 0
Det svensk/britiske superprosjektet The Tangent er aktuelle med sitt tredje studioalbum. Skjønt, mange vil nok hevde at prosjektet har blitt atskillig mindre supert etter at Roine Stolt og Zoltan Csorz forsvant. Disse har blitt erstattet av Krister Jonsson (Karmakanic)...
143 results - showing 1 - 10
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