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Album E Even   August 26, 2022   1176 1 2 0
The Halo Effect was founded in 2020 by five former members of In Flames; Jesper Stömblad (guitars), Mikael Stanne (vocals), Niclas, Englin (guitars), Peter Iwers (bass) and Daniel Svensoson (drums). Their intention with this band was to make a...
PATHOLOGY The Everlasting Plague
Album E Even   November 19, 2021   1998 1 2 0
Over the past couple of decades a jungle of sub-genres have emerged within extreme metal in particular, and I have to admit that at times I find it hard to label bands to a specific category. When it comes...
MASSACRE Resurgence
Album E Even   November 02, 2021   2063 1 2 0
Massacre was formed in Tampa, Florida as long back as in 1984 and they released a few demos in the second half of the eighties before their debut album ‘From Beyond’ saw the light of day in 1991. Despite...
BLOOD RED THRONE Imperial Congregation
Album E Even   October 13, 2021   2199 1 2 0
It’s time for a dose of Norwegian death metal again, as Blood Red Throne returns with their 10th full length album Imperial Congregation which is being released through Nuclear Blast Records. Although they stay true to their old school...
ACCEPT Too Mean To Die
Album E Even   January 28, 2021   1673 1 2 0
More than four decades has passed since Accept released their self-titled debut album back in 1979, and they are still going strong despite a whole bunch of line-up changes over the years. Since ‘The Rise Of Chaos’ bass player...
MY DYING BRIDE The Ghost Of Orion
Album E Even   March 26, 2020   1987 2 2 0
With a career spanning over 30 years and having released 13 full length albums prior to this one My Dying Bride certainly needs no further introduction. With the exception of ‘Evinta’ our British friends have always managed to deliver...
Album E Even   May 23, 2018   2526 1 2 0
Through a carreer spanning over nearly 30 years Amorphis has always been more or less synonymous with quality, but with their 13th studio album entitled 'Queen Of Time' our neighbours from east introduces us to a masterpiece that has...
Album E Even   May 02, 2018   2523 2 2 0
Norwegian symphonic black metal veterans Dimmu Borgir are returning to the limelight with their long awaited 10th studio album which also marks the bands 25th anniversary. The album is entitled 'Eonian', which means something like 'Everlasting' and the lyrical...
Album E Even   August 10, 2017   2142 1 1 0
It´s been seven long years since the last studio album from Santa Cruz based tehcnical death metal outfit Decrepit Birth, but now the follow up to "Polarity" is finally here. "Axis Mundi" is pretty much following the same path...
SUFFOCATION ...Of The Dark Light
Album E Even   June 07, 2017   2282 2 1 0
It's been four years since the release of the brilliant 'Pinnacle Of Bedlam', by far the best Suffocation album both in terms of song material, performance and production. A follow up album has therefore been highly anticipated and now...
216 results - showing 1 - 10
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