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THE DEVILS OF LOUDUN Escaping Eternity
Album E Even   February 11, 2022   1898 1 2 0
The Devils Of Loudun is a symphonic/melodic death metal band heading from Seattle, Washington and while having released a couple of EP’s a few years ago Escaping Eternity is their debut full length album. The line-up features a...
Album E Even   March 29, 2019   2492 1 2 0
 California based technical death metal trio Inanimate Existence returns with their fifth full-length album in just seven years, set for a May 10th release through The Artisan Era. Even though being one of the most productive bands around right...
Album E Even   March 08, 2019   3118 1 2 0
Equipoise features an amalgamation of well-respected musicians within the technical death metal community, a death metal super group in other words. The seven man strong line-up consist of Steve Boiser (Inferi) on vocals, guitarists Nick Padovani (Virulent Depravity), Phil...
INANIMATE EXISTENCE Underneath A Melting Sky
Album E Even   September 20, 2017   2328 1 2 0
'Underneath A Melting Sky' is the fourth studio album in only five years from Bay Area based technical death metal act Inanimate Existence, so I guess you can say that they've been quite productive. I've been a fan of...
VIRULENT DEPRAVITY Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree
Album E Even   April 11, 2017   2649 1 1 0
Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree is the debut album of American technical death metal band Virulent Depravity, and it's a remarkable strong debut as well. The music is quite complex with thundering drums as the foundation with blastbeats, breaks...
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