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PATHOLOGY The Everlasting Plague
Album E Even   November 19, 2021   1998 1 2 0
Over the past couple of decades a jungle of sub-genres have emerged within extreme metal in particular, and I have to admit that at times I find it hard to label bands to a specific category. When it comes...
Album E Even   January 07, 2019   2453 1 2 0
Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Habitual Depravity is the brainchild of brutal death metal enhusiast Jonathan Urwin. He is responsible for all vocals and instrumentation on 'Realms Of Abysmal Servitude', except from the drums where the duties has been taken...
Album E Even   September 17, 2018   2004 1 2 0
German based Stillbirth are back with their fifth studio album entitled ‘Annihilation of Mankind’. While their 2015 album ‘Global Error’ sorted in the borderline between traditional death metal and brutal death metal, this new one is definitely a step...
VOMIT REMNANTS Hyper Groove Brutality
Album E Even   May 02, 2017   2750 1 1 0
The history of this Japanese brutal death metal act goes way back to 1997. Their debut album was released in '99 before the band split up in 2001, then they reformed from 2001 to 2005 before taking another long...
DESECRATE THE FAITH Unholy Infestation
Album E Even   April 05, 2017   2477 1 1 0
Heading from Houston, Texas Desecrate The Faith are back with their second full lentght album entitled 'Unholy Infestation' to follow up their 2014 debut 'Disfigured Arrangement'. We're talking brutal death metal the American way, no bullshit - straight forwad...
Album E Even   November 25, 2015   4808 0 1 0
Entity Of Malevolence is det debut album of American band Abhorrent Deformity and this is definitely not music for tender souls. Brutal death metal with massive blast beats and hard riffing guitars topped with deep guttural vocal grunts. There...
SYN:DROM Iconoclasm
Album E Even   February 13, 2013   2589 0 1 0
Swedish death metallers SYN:DROM delived a very promising debut in their 2010 release ´With Flesh Unbound´, and now they are finally back with the anticipated follow-up album entitled ´Iconoclasm´. The new album consists of 10 tracks of furious and...
Suffocation - Pinnacle Of Bedlam
Album E Even   February 09, 2013   2790 0 1 0
One of this years most anticipated extreme metal albums is finally here. American veterans and masters of brutal death metal, SUFFOCATION, are back with a vengeance nearly four years after their previous effort. ´Pinnacle Of Bedlam´is the bands seventh...
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