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Album EK Even Knudsen   June 11, 2020   552 1 2 0
Astralborne is an American melodic death metal band based in Toledo, Ohio. They were founded in 2018 and ‘Eternity’s End’, which is their debut album was originally released in November 2019 as a self-release but is now being distributed...
ETERNAL DELYRIA Paradox Of the Mechanical Angel
Album EK Even Knudsen   April 03, 2020   1235 1 2 0
Eternal Delyria is a new a new acquaintance to me, but according to their biography the band was founded in 2011 in Ticino, Switzerland and they have release one EP and one full length album prior to Paradox Of...
NEPHYLIM Severance Of Serenity
Album EK Even Knudsen   March 22, 2020   611 1 2 0
Nephylim is a five piece Dutch melodic death metal band, formed in 2015 and after a few line-up changes they have now finished their debut album entitled Severance Of Serenity. The guys intention was to play Scandinavian inspired melodic...
Album EK Even Knudsen   May 22, 2019   1024 1 2 0
Amon Amarth, the undisputed Swedish kings of melodic death metal strikes again with their eleventh full length album entitled ‘Berserker, and as always our Swedish friends have delivered pure quality. Amon Amarth is a band that have remained true...
Album EK Even Knudsen   February 27, 2019   1079 1 2 0
I’ve read a few early reviews of this album and most of them weren’t exactly positive, so I guess I approached it with a bit of skepticism just to discover that I disagreed with most of what has been...
Album EK Even Knudsen   November 07, 2018   1630 1 2 0
Trollwar is a Canadian band, based in Quebec and 'Oath of The Storm' is their second full-lenght album. The album consist of 4 remastered songs from their 2017 EP 'The Traveller's Path' with refined orcestration, while the rest of...
Album EK Even Knudsen   November 02, 2018   1070 1 2 0
It´s been a while since I heard any of Nothgards previous albums, but I remember them as good but nothing special. Now they are back with their fourth studio album entitled ´Malady X´, after having signed a multi album...
Album EK Even Knudsen   October 22, 2018   881 1 2 0
'The Burning Cold' is the eighth full lenght album from Finish melodic death metal veterans Omnium Gatherum, yet their first for Century Media Records and also the first with new drummer Tuomo Latvala. Omnium Gatherum is probably one of...
EMBRYO A Step Beyond Divinity
Album EK Even Knudsen   December 10, 2017   2234 1 2 0
With their previous album Embryo clearly stated that they would be a force to count on when it comes to melodic death metal, or I should probalby say symphonic death metal since their music is more in the vein...
DAWN OF DISEASE Ascension Gate
Album EK Even Knudsen   August 17, 2017   2197 1 2 0
'Ascension Gate' is the fourth full lenght album from German band Dawn Of Disease. Their melodic style of death metal is heavily inspired by the early Gothenburg scene and you can clearly hear certain parallels to bands like At...
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