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Album EK Even Knudsen   November 03, 2014   2847 1 1 0
Death Dealer is probably a new name to some, myself included, but if you are a fan of traditional heavy metal and power metal you will soon discover a few familiar faces in the lineup, some real veterans within...
SILENT VOICES Reveal The Change
Album EK Even Knudsen   December 06, 2013   3077 1 1 0
Finnish melodic progressive metallers Silent Voices, often referred to as “the other band” of Sonata Arctica members Henrik Klingenberg and Pasi Kauppinen, are back with their fourth studio effort. Seven years have passed since the excellent ‘Building Upt The...
HELL Curse And Chapter
Album EK Even Knudsen   November 25, 2013   3356 3 1 0
‘Human Remains’, the previous album from British band Hell, hit me like lightning from a clear sky and it proved to be one of the best heavy metal albums released in 2011. Therefore my expectations to this much anticipated...
Album EK Even Knudsen   November 21, 2013   4701 1 1 0
Tad Morose must be among the most underrated power metal bands around today, despite the fact that they have delivered several strong albums throughout their career they have never really received the attention they deserve. Since the beginning in...
Album EK Even Knudsen   November 19, 2013   4795 1 1 0
‘Obsideo’ is the third album release from Dutch death metal veterans Pestilence since the band were reformed in 2008. Their 2011 album, ‘Doctrine’, received mixed critics, some quite poor ones as well and I must admit that I’ve never...
ASCENSION Far Beyond The Stars
Album EK Even Knudsen   November 17, 2013   4427 1 1 0
Emerging from Aberdeen, at the foot of the Scottish Highlands, comes Ascension, a five man strong melodic power metal band with their debut album. My first reaction after having heard ´Somewhere back in time´, the opening track of the...
DEICIDE In The Minds Of Evil
Album EK Even Knudsen   November 15, 2013   3158 1 1 0
Deicide are back with the long avaited follow up to their brilliant 2011 album ´To Hell With God´. In addition to a very strong song material that album had an incredible warm and organic production that really brought the...
IRON MASK Fifth Son Of Winterdoom
Album EK Even Knudsen   November 15, 2013   3348 1 1 0
‘Fifth son of winterdoom’ is the fo studio album from Iron Mask, a band built up around the Belgian guitar maestro Dushan Petrossi. The vocal duties have once again been handed to ex-Yngwie Malmsteen singer Mark Boals and he...
NOCTURNAL GRAVES ...From The Bloodline Of Cain
Album EK Even Knudsen   November 12, 2013   4350 1 1 0
Nocturnal Graves is a new acquaintance to me, heading from the land down under and the band have been around since 2004. ‘…From the bloodline of Cain’ is their second full length album and their style is a brutal...
LEAVES' EYES Symphonies Of The Night
Album EK Even Knudsen   November 11, 2013   3007 3 1 0
Leave´s Eyes has always been synonymous with quality and I like all their previous albums, but this time everything has really been taken to another level. ´Symphonies of the night´ seed all the best of the previous albums...
59 results - showing 1 - 10
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