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Album EK Even Knudsen   October 30, 2013   2217 1 1 0
Italy’s main force within brutal extreme metal are back with their third studio album entitled ‘Labyrinth’. If you liked the brilliant ‘Agony’ album you will for sure enjoy this one as well since it’s basically more of the same...
MINDTECH Elements Of Warfare
Album EK Even Knudsen   October 29, 2013   2761 1 1 0
Mintech is a Norwegian band originally founded in 2007, and after a long maturing process they have now released their debut album. According to the press release Mindtech is a metal band with focus on heavy and groovy riffs,...
WISDOM Marching For Liberty
Album EK Even Knudsen   October 29, 2013   2853 1 1 0
Wisdom is a Hungarian power metal band that was founded back in 2001. Ahead of ‘Marching For Liberty’ they have released two studio albums, ‘Words Of Wisdom’ (2006) and ‘Judas’ (2011). Their music can be described as a mixture...
DEATH ANGEL The Dream Calls For Blood
Album EK Even Knudsen   October 28, 2013   1952 1 1 0
Death Angel made an impact on the thrash metal genre in the late eighties and their 1990 effort ‘Act III’ is still considered a classic amongst fans of the genre, myself included. Though thrash metal never died it faced...
WITHERSCAPE The Inheritance
Album EK Even Knudsen   October 27, 2013   2729 1 1 0
WITHERSCAPE is the new project of Swedish singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Dan Swanö and another multi-instrumentalist named Ragnar Widerbeg, where Swanö is responsible for vocals, keyboards and drums while Widerberg takes care of all guitar and bass parts on...
MOTÖRHEAD Aftershock
Album EK Even Knudsen   October 25, 2013   2160 1 1 0
Lemmy & co are still going strong 36 years after their self-titled debut saw the light of day. On ‘Aftershock’ which is their 21st studio album the band sounds more vital than they’ve done for ages and in my...
CARCASS Surgical Steel
Album EK Even Knudsen   October 23, 2013   2478 1 1 0
I must admit that Carcass didn’t figure frequently in my playlist in the early stages of their career even though I’m perfectly aware that these guys have been among the most genre defining acts within the extreme metal scene....
ILLUSION SUITE The Iron Cemetary
Album EK Even Knudsen   October 23, 2013   2431 1 1 0
Norwegian progressive metal outfit, ILLUSION SUITE, made a very promising debut with their 2009 effort, "Final Hour", which was released through the Limb Music label. Since then the band has signed for Power Prog and been through a couple...
ARTLANTICA Across The Seven Seas
Album EK Even Knudsen   July 18, 2013   2668 0 1 0
Throughout the years there has been several so called super groups with line-up's including high profiled members, but to be honest there's not many of those I've found very interesting. As you migh have figured out already Artlantica is...
Album EK Even Knudsen   July 16, 2013   2502 1 1 0
'The Aura', debut album of Canadian technical death metallers Beyond Creation, was originally released in 2011 but has now been re-released by Season Of Mist. The band was founded in Montreal, Canada in 2005 and has only released one...
59 results - showing 21 - 30
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