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THE DEVILS OF LOUDUN Escaping Eternity
Album E Even   February 11, 2022   1898 1 2 0
The Devils Of Loudun is a symphonic/melodic death metal band heading from Seattle, Washington and while having released a couple of EP’s a few years ago Escaping Eternity is their debut full length album. The line-up features a...
STORMKEEP Tales Of Othertime
Album E Even   December 08, 2021   2107 1 2 0
I don’t listen to black metal nearly as often these days as I did 15-20 years ago, but once in a while there comes an album out of this genre that really catches my attention. Denver, Colorado based Stormkeep’s...
PATHOLOGY The Everlasting Plague
Album E Even   November 19, 2021   1998 1 2 0
Over the past couple of decades a jungle of sub-genres have emerged within extreme metal in particular, and I have to admit that at times I find it hard to label bands to a specific category. When it comes...
MASSACRE Resurgence
Album E Even   November 02, 2021   2063 1 2 0
Massacre was formed in Tampa, Florida as long back as in 1984 and they released a few demos in the second half of the eighties before their debut album ‘From Beyond’ saw the light of day in 1991. Despite...
DREAM THEATER A View From The Top Of The World
Album E Even   November 01, 2021   2635 1 2 0
A View From The Top Of The World is the 15th full length album from prog metal veterans Dream Theater and it comes with a very nice cover with a little bit of inspiration from Norwegian nature. As always...
BLOOD RED THRONE Imperial Congregation
Album E Even   October 13, 2021   2199 1 2 0
It’s time for a dose of Norwegian death metal again, as Blood Red Throne returns with their 10th full length album Imperial Congregation which is being released through Nuclear Blast Records. Although they stay true to their old school...
BURIAL IN THE SKY The Consumed Self
Album E Even   September 09, 2021   1594 1 2 0
Philadelphia based progressive death metal act Burial In The Sky’s first two full length albums were both promising releases but still not quite there. Their third effort though is in a totally different league, at least to my ears....
Album E Even   September 07, 2021   1406 1 2 0
Ok, so this album has been out for a few months already but I didn’t become aware of it until recently, so I decided to review it anyway. Warrior Path is a Greek based band founded and led by...
Album E Even   September 07, 2021   1258 1 2 0
Despite a career spanning over more than 45 years Iron Maiden are still going strong. I witnessed their 2018 show at the Trondheim Rocks Festival in Norway back in 2018, and that particular show stands out as one of...
ULTHIMA Symphony Of The Night
Album E Even   March 30, 2021   2086 1 2 0
Every now and then you happen to discover new music simply by accident, and that was the case when I stumbled into Ulthima’s debut album on Youtube. There is not much information about the band available online, but from...
12 results - showing 1 - 10
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