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COMMUNIC Hiding From The World

COMMUNIC Hiding From The World

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COMMUNIC Hiding From The World

There are some bands out there that never disappoint you and never seems to run out of good song ideas and Communic is one of very few bands belonging to that category. Hiding From The World is their sixth full length album, and their second released through AFM Records. Where their 2017 album Where Echoes Gather hit me straight away I must admit that it took me a bit longer to really get a grip on the new material, but after several rounds the new songs has started to creep under my skin. All the elements you would expect from a Communic album are certainly there. A progressive power metal foundation with tons of emotions and dynamics and of course Oddleif’s very charismatic vocals on top. The material is varied both in structure and tempo vice, from atmospheric and mellow passages to heavy blastbeats parts and more or less everything in between. Comminc songs tends to be relatively long and that is the case this time as well with seven songs and a short intro clocking in on just above 60 minutes. All in all Hiding From The World is a very typical Communic album, nothing more and nothing less. Pure quality from start to end.



Hiding From The World (2020)

Where Echoes Gather (2017)

The Bottom Deep (2011)

Payment Of Existence (2008)

Waves Of Visual Decay (2006)

Conspiracy In Mind (2005)

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