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Norwegian symphonic black metal veterans Dimmu Borgir are returning to the limelight with their long awaited 10th studio album which also marks the bands 25th anniversary. The album is entitled 'Eonian', which means something like 'Everlasting' and the lyrical theme deals with how humans releate to the concept of time. I know a few Dimmu fans who haven't been too happy about the the way the music has taken a more and more symphonic direction over the years, and that journey continues on this new album but if you listen carefully you can also find elements here reflecting the early stage of their career. So I guess the big question remaining is; Has it been worth the wait? The simple answer to that is YES! I've only had this album for a week or so, but it has been played more or less 24/7 since I got it, and even though it might be a bit early to conclude my intuition tells me that this might very well be the best Dimmu Borgir album to date. The quality of the song material is simply amazing and I really believe it when the guys says that never before have they been so dedicated to the creative process as with Eonian. Every single detail in the massive arrangements seems to be there for a very well thought through reason, creating this huge epic atmosphere that I just can't get enough of. The Choir and orchestral arrangements are bigger than ever, but the black metal roots of the band is still very evident in the soundscape. Eonian was produced by the band themselves, with a helping hand from mastermind Jens Bogren who has also been in chare of mixing the album. To get the most out of Eonian I would strongly recommend listening to it from start to end to really experience the ever evolving atmosphere, but with that said all songs are premium quality and will work just fine on their own as well. Welcome back Dimmu Borgir, and happy 25th anniversary!



Eonian (2018)

Abrahadabra (2010)
In sorte diaboli (2007)
Stormblåst (2005)
Death cult armageddon (2003)

Puritanical euphoric misanthropi' (2001)
Spiritual black dimensions (1999)
Godless savage garden (1998)
Enthrone darkness triumphant (1998)
Stormblåst (1996)
For all tid (1995)

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