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FATES WARNING Theories Of Flight

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FATES WARNING Theories Of Flight

Fates Warning has always sorted among my absolute favorite bands when it comes to progressive metal, mostly due to the monumental albums released in the early stages carreer such as 'Awaken The Guardian', 'Parallels' and basically all their other albums from the eighties. The albums released after 'Parallels' though haven't appealed to me in the same way, but with 'Darkness In A Different Light' from 2013 the band was suddenly back on the track and therefore I've been waiting in great anticipation for the follow up to that one. Three years later 'Theories Of Flight' is finally here and I can honestly say that it exceeds all my expectations. Fates Warning are back with one of their best albums in their carreer, and that's a fact. The line-up features Ray Alder, Jim Matheos, Joey Vera an Bobby Jarzombek. Frank Aresti is not credited in the booklet, bud as far as I understand he has still contributed on some of the songs. The song material on this album is simply outstanding and I have to give huge credit to Ray Alder for his amazing vocal performance. The rest of the band does great as well and all together Fates Warning sounds more vital than ever. If there's any justice left in this world 'Theories Of Flight' will be the album that earns Fates Warning their long awaited commercial success, but that remains to see. This may very well be THE progressive metal album of the year, and most certainly Fates Warning's best effort since 'Parallels'. 



'Theories Of Flight' 2016

´Darkness in a different light´ 2013

´FWX´ 2004

´Disconnected´ 2000

´A pleasant shade of grey´ 1997

´Inside out´ 1994

´Parallels´ 1991

´Perfect symmetry´ 1989

´No exit´ 1988

´Awaken the guardian´ 1986

´The spectre within´ 1985

´Night on brocken´ 1984

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