INANIMATE EXISTENCE Underneath A Melting Sky Hot
Even Knudsen   September 20, 2017  
INANIMATE EXISTENCE Underneath A Melting Sky

'Underneath A Melting Sky' is the fourth studio album in only five years from Bay Area based technical death metal act Inanimate Existence, so I guess you can say that they've been quite productive. I've been a fan of these guys since the beginning and all their albums have been solid quality, but still I rank their excellent debut 'Liberation Through Hearing' as the best of the three. So what about 'Underneath A Melting Sky' then? Well, the first thing that came to my mind was that it sounded more consistent and you can clearly hear how the guys have matured as a band. The songs are built around complex structures, but even though the music is both technical and at times quite brutal it's at the same time extremely melodic and atmospheric with a good production. Clocking in on just above 36 minutes 'Under A Melting Sky' is a relatively short album, but as long as every single minute is filled with premium quality music I can live with that. This is Inanimate Existence back at their very best, and if you liked their previous albums there's no need to hesitate.



Underneath A Melting Sky (2017)

Calling From A Dream (2016)

A Never-Ending Cycle Of Atonement (2014)

Liberation Through Hearing (2012)

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