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MORDKAUL Dress Code: Blood

MORDKAUL Dress Code: Blood

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MORDKAUL Dress Code: Blood

I must start by saying that I have a very limited amount of information available about Mordkaul, but they are based in Belgium and was founded based on the members mutual passion for Swedish melodic death metal and they have been working on their debut album “Dress Code: Blood” over the past few years. The drums for this album was recorded by Adrian Elandsson (At The Gates/The Haunted), while none other than Dan Swanö has been in charge of mixing the album. “Dress Code: Blood consist of ten tracks including a short intro and the instrumental track Eve. The music is of course heavily inspired by the early/min 90’s Swedish death metal scene and the production is adapted to that as well, even though it still sounds both punchy and powerful. Originality might not be the first word that comes to my mind if I should describe this material, but the quality of the songs can’t be denied and that’s what really makes this album worth listening to. The majority of the songs are up-tempo and riff-driven, but with some real nice guitar harmonies and melody lines to give it the characteristic melodic atmosphere. The vocals are quite typical for the genre as well, not to low pitched nor screaming but I guess somewhere in between. If the more old school type of melodic death metal is your cup of tea I would highly recommend checking out Dress Code: Blood.



Dress Code: Blood (2021)

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