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NEPHYLIM Severance Of Serenity

NEPHYLIM Severance Of Serenity

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NEPHYLIM Severance Of Serenity

Nephylim is a five piece Dutch melodic death metal band, formed in 2015 and after a few line-up changes they have now finished their debut album entitled Severance Of Serenity. The guys intention was to play Scandinavian inspired melodic death metal with a few hints of black metal and doom metal, and in their press bio bands like Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum and Be´lakor are mentioned as sources of inspiration. Perhaps not the most original approach to enter the death metal scene with, but still Severance Of Serenity caught my attention right away simply because of the quality of the song material and the arrangements. The material is varied and contains both heavy riffing uptempo death metal parts, mid-tempo melodic and atmospheric passages with a few hints of black metal and doom, and even some acoustic parts. The vocals are more in the growling end of the register rather than screaming and that is always a solid plus for me personally. I´m not one hundred percent convinced by the production though, especially the drum sound. It’s not bad by any means, but there are certainly room for improvement in that area. I´m also experiencing a bit of low-end rumble every now and then, but with this said I must add that this album has been reviewed while listening through a pair of very neutral and transparent studio monitors so it may not sound that obvious trough home stereo speakers or headphones. Anyway, don’t let that scare you from checking out Severance Of Serenity, for a self released album its actually quite a stunning debut and the quality of the songs certainly makes up for the minor production issues mentioned above. Highly recommended.



Severance Of Serenity (2020)

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