NERVECELL Past, Present...Torture Hot
Even Knudsen   September 05, 2017  
NERVECELL Past, Present...Torture

Dubai based technical death metal outfit Nervecell are back with their thrid studio album entitled 'Past, Present...Torture' to follow up their 2011 album 'Psychogenocide'. I really enjoyed both previous albums, and in particular the excellent debut 'Preaching Venom', so I've really anticipated this new one. The receipe is more or less the same as before technical, but yet in-your-face death metal that is both brutal and melodic with potential to appeal to fans from most sub-genres of death metal. The album is very well produced with a fine balance of compressed punch and organic feel and clarity, and Rajeh Khazaal is about to become one of my favorite vocalists within the techncial corner of death metal. I wish more bands in this genre would follow their example when it comes to vocals and leave the screaming, metalcore-ish vocals behind, but that's of coures a matter of taste. When it comes to the song material I tend more and more towards the conclusion that 'Past, Present...Torture' is Nervecell's stronges album to date. I simply love the balance between technicallity, brutality and melody with the small hints of middle eastern music cleverly incorporated into the sound without being to dominant. After having heard this album for the first time I found myself left with a big smile on my face, and since then I just feel like playing it over and over again. Great stuff!!



Past, Present...Torture (2017)

Psychogenocide (2011)

Preaching Venom (2008)

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