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NO RAZA Transcending Material Sins

NO RAZA Transcending Material Sins

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NO RAZA Transcending Material Sins
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Noble Demon Records is a recently established label founded by Patrick Walch, who I know from his previous work with Nuclear Blast, and it seems like Patrick has a good taste when signing new artist to his label. A few weeks ago I reviewed the excellent new Night Crowned album released on that particular label, and now it’s time to take a closer look at the latest effort from No Raza. The band was formed in Colombia back in 1997 but is now based in Florida, USA. I must admit that I’ve never heard this band before even though ‘Transcending Material Sins’ is their fourth full length album, so I guess I have to check out their back catalogue as well. The album consists of 11 tracks with a total running time of about 55 minutes. No Raza presents riff oriented and groovy, but still quite melodic death metal with a technical twist. The sound is tight with impressive performances from the individual musicians, but even more impressive is the quality of the song material. All songs are very well structured and arranged with a perfect blend of in-your-face hard riffing, melodic passages, lead parts and beautiful atmospheres. The vocals are exactly how I like it, deep and guttural but yet articulate so it’s actually possible to hear the lyrics. No Raza may not revamp the genre with their music, but it you like well written and performed pure death metal ‘Transcending Material Sins’ is not one you want to overlook. Excellent stuff!



Transcending Material Sins (2020)

When Chaos Reigns (2014)

Misantropia (2012)

Del Poder A La Muerte (2004)

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