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PLAGUE Portraits Of Mind

PLAGUE Portraits Of Mind

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PLAGUE Portraits Of Mind

Portraits Of Mind is the debut album of Greek death metal band Plague, and certainly one to look out for if you’re into the more old school side of the genre. The production is more towards the old school early nineties sound rather than modern, it sounds ok although I would personally have preferred a bit more clarity and low end definition as the kicks in particular sounds a bit boxy. What makes this album noticeable though is the performance and the quality of the songs. The style traditional old school death metal with a certain technical twist, obviously heavily inspired by early Death albums and they don’t make shame on their heroes with this release. Most of the material is mid-tempo and riff oriented with some really nice guitar harmonies and leads, but there are a few more up-tempo parts here as well as parts that are almost doomy sounding. I find myself enjoying Portraits Of Mind a lot despite the less than optimal production and that is of course due to the quality of the material and the performance itself. Recommended.



Portraitsof mind (2020)

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