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SCARS OF THE FLESH Reaching Into The Void

SCARS OF THE FLESH Reaching Into The Void

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SCARS OF THE FLESH Reaching Into The Void

Scars Of The Flesh is a death metal act heading from San Antonio, Texas and ‘Reaching Into The Void’ is their sophomore album following up their 2017 debut ‘Harvest Of Souls’. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to check out the debut yet, but I certainly will. Scars Of The Flesh describes their own music as progressive death metal, but I would probably rather file it under traditional death metal even though the material has a certain technical/progressive touch to it. However, the important thing here is the song material and ‘Reaching Into The Void’ is a very consistent product containing six very good, well written and arranged songs that are both in-your-face, riff oriented and atmospheric. Strong melody lines and guitar harmonies appears throughout the album as a red thread without compromising with the aggressiveness of true death metal. On the vocal side the band uses both deep growling style vocals and a higher pitched more screaming variant, and even though I much prefer the first of those I must admit that the combination of the two works really well here. The material consist of both up-tempo and more mid-tempo stuff while the sit’s piano and orchestral based, beautiful atmosphere. I normally find 35 minutes runtime a bit short, but as long as every single one of those minutes are as enjoyable as in this case I’m happy. Make sure to check out ‘Reaching into The Void’ if your on the search for some high quality, well produced death metal.



Reaching Into The Void (2020)

Harvest Of Souls (2017)

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