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SUFFOCATION Pinnacle Of Bedlam

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Suffocation - Pinnacle Of Bedlam

One of this years most anticipated extreme metal albums is finally here. American veterans and masters of brutal death metal, SUFFOCATION, are back with a vengeance nearly four years after their previous effort. ´Pinnacle Of Bedlam´is the bands seventh studio album, and their foruth since the reunion. Speaking of reunions, drummer Dave Culross has rejoined the band ahead of this release. I´m not sure wether or not it´s Dave´s return to the bands ranks that has caused this, but it sonds like the overall tempo of the the songs have been increased a bit this time. The first ting I noticed about this album though was the brilliant production, certainly the best produced SUFFOCATION album to date. What about the song material then? Well, what can I say? The album contains 10 tracks and they all sounds absolutely great. Brutal and fast, yet technical, melodic and groovy with a warm atmosphere and a whole lot of variation. I must give credit to Frank Mullen as well, he is definitely one of the best vokalisst within todays death metal scene. ´Pinnacle Of Bedlam´is set for a February 15th release in Europe, so prepare yourself for a massive attack of brutal death metal that might very well be the album of the year.



`Pinnacle Of Bedlam´2013

´Blood Oath´2009


´Souls Of Deny´2004

´Pierced Form Within´1995

´Breeding The Spawn´1993

´Effigy Of The Forgotten´1991


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