THE FACELESS In Becoming A Ghost

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THE FACELESS In Becoming A Ghost

The Faceless mastermind Michael Keene has gathered a completely new line up for 'In Becoming A Ghost', the fourth in line of The Faceless studio albums, including Abigail Williams' Ken Sorceron on vocals, The Zenit Passage's Justin McKinney on guitar and Bryce Butler on drums. The Faceless are normally referred to as a technical death metal band, but theres also plenty of progressive metal elements in their sound while Sorceron's screaming vocals adds a fair touch of black metal to the sound as well. I really like the way this mixture of styles have turned out on 'In Becoming A Ghost', though I have to admit that it took a while to really get into this material. The music is incredible complex and proves outstanding musicianship, but yet both atmospheric and melodic inbetween the brutality and technicallity. The first half of the material is probably slightly stronger than the second, but the quality drop is actually marginal and doesn't ruin the all over impression of the album. A Depeche Mode cover may not sound as a good idea for a technical death metal band, but surprisingly it works quite well and fits nicely into the rest of the material. I finally ended up on eight points here, but consider that close to nine. 



In Becoming A Ghost (2017)

Autotheism (2012)

Planetary Duality (2008)

Akeldama (2006)

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