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It's not a big secret that I've always been a huge Vintersorg fan, and I consider every single album in their discography pure quality. With that said, I must add that the first two albums, not counting the Hedniskhjärtad EP, had this indefineable magical atmosphere that still make them my go-to Vintersorg albums. Some of the later albums had more complex song structures and way better production, but even though they were all great albums I felt that they lacked the x-factor of the first two, so I got really excited when rumours started to spin about a possible 'Till Fjälls part II'. Once I got my hands on it I just couldn't wait to press the play button, and after the first round I asked myself one question: Is the magical atmosphere of the first 'Till Fjälls' album there? The answer to that is simply: Yes! A unique blend of folk music and extreme metal that changes from fragile and quiet acoustic parts to harsh black metal within a blink of an eye, the perfect interaction between lyrics and music that forces you into this wicked state of mind were you see yourself on a mountain working your way through the snow towards a migthy glacier. Well, back to reality. The album opener entitled 'Jökelväktaren' is some kind of continuation of the song 'Jökeln' from the first 'Till Fjälls' album from 1998, and it imediately set the standard for whats to come. 'En Väldig Isvidds Karga Dräkt' is next out, a typical groovy Vintersorg song in 6/8 time signature with some orchestral arrangements and a huge atmosphere. 'Lavin' starts with a fragile acoustic theme that gradualy builds into climax. 'Fjällets Mäktiga Mur' can, according to Vintersorg himself, be described as the sequel to the song 'Till Fjälls', an epic composition starting with a piano prelude ledading into a powerful verse and an epic chorus. Not too complexe in structure, but it has a really interesting arrangement. Beautiful. 'Obygdens Pionjer' is a quite aggressive tune that's broken up with a more melodic middle part. 'Vinterstorm' starts off in an atmospheric, Edward Grieg inspired manner follwed by double bass-drum inferno leading into yet another big and epic chorus. Next out is the track 'Tusenåriga språk', once again in a 6/8 grove with acoustic guitars mixed with both clean and harsh vocals.....and of course a catchy chorus. 'Alt Mellan Himmel Och Jord' is another up-tempo song with blast-beats in the verses leading into a focal chorus. Finally the main part of the album ends with the beautiful 'Vårflod' which features some female vocals from Cia who also contributed on the 1998 album. The album also include a bonus cd, a four track EP consisting of material written previous to the 'Hedniskhjärtad' EP. All in all I'm really excited about this beautiful album, and I'm actually tempted to say it's the best Vintersorg album to date and that pretty much says it all.



Till Fjälls Del II (2017)

Naturbål (2014)

Orkan (2012)

Jordpuls (2011)

The Focusing Blur (2004)

Visions From The Spiral Generator (2002)

Cosmic Genesis (2000)

Ödemakens Son (1999)

Till Fjälls (1998)

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