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VIRULENT DEPRAVITY Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree

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VIRULENT DEPRAVITY Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree

Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree is the debut album of American technical death metal band Virulent Depravity, and it's a remarkable strong debut as well. The music is quite complex with thundering drums as the foundation with blastbeats, breaks and tempo changes, but what really makes this album stand out are the guitars. If you're into riffing guitars, insane but yet tasteful guitar harmonies and leads then you've come to the right place. Layers of wide panned guitars playing different parts simitaniously, and lets not forget the bass either, can easily end up in chaos, but these guys actually manage to make good and interesting songs out of it throughout the entire album. Virulent Depravity has developed their own style for sure, but I'm sure they have been inspired by bands such as Beyond Creation, Necrophagist, Obscura, Spawn Of Possession and so on. The album also features a guest appearance by genius Craig Peters (Deeds Of Flesh, Destroying The Devoid). All ten track are premium quality and as if that wasn't enough, I must add that they comes wrapped into an excellent production as well. Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree is simply a masterpiece in all it's complex beauty, so do yourself a favour and get a copy. I promise you will get addicted.



Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree (2017)

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