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ANGTORIA - Episk Orkestral Metal


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Episk Orkestral Metal

- Teks av Vegar Myrstad, 9. mai 2006 -


Fra backing vokalist innen det mer ekstreme går Sarah Jezebel Deva, sammen med brødrene Rehn, nye veier med Angtoria og skaper Episk Orkestral Metal med en atmosfære en film verdig. Sarah Jezebel Deva kjent gjennom band som Cradle of Filth, Kovenant, Motiis, Therion, The Gathering og Tulus har slått seg sammen med brødrene Tommy og Chris Rehn og sammen med de siste forøkelse i line up'en med John Henriksson (My Own Grave) på trommer og Cradle Of Filth kollega Dave Pybus på bass utgjør de Angtoria. Som i disse dager er midt i lanseringen av sitt debutalbum 'God Has A Plan For Us All'. I denne forbindelse fikk vi slått av en prat med "kjernen" i bandet Sarah, Tommy og Chris.

Congratulations on the release of 'God has a plan for us all' , an absolutely beautiful album if I may say so!
SARAH: Thank you! That means a lot to us!
TOMMY: same
CHRIS: same

First of all, some of our readers are perhaps unacquainted with Angtoria, can you give us a short introduction? Where did it all start for Angtoria?
CHRIS: Angtoria was formed as a result of another project between Sarah and I. After we first met and became friends, we did a purely orchestral film score type music project. We got very good respons for the demo we recorded, but since all our connection lay within the metal scene, it was very difficult to get someone interested enough to invest in us by giving us a record deal.. When trying to find a label interested in the orchestral project Sarah and I decided to start a new project in the same vein, but with guitars and drums with a more "band" feeling to it. I asked my brother Tommy if he wanted to join, and Angtoria was born..
SARAH: It was spawned from a project, my solo project actually that Chris and i started about 5 years ago. People loved what we did but record companies didn't know how to market us because it was like a movie score, so we kinda gave up and created ANGTORIA.

How will you describe your music, what can the people expect from the album?
SARAH: Epic Metal! We are not Power Metal nor Gothic Metal! Which are descriptions we have been given and i dont understand! There is nothing gothic about us and i thinks goths would agree!
CHRIS: Well, it´s always difficult to describe your own music since there will always be someone out there who disagrees with you and say that you´ve labeled yourself wrong etc. But I would have to say "Epic Orchestral Metal" is the correct term for your music. It contains film score type orchestral music combined with metal guitars and drums with female vocals..

Where was the album recorded, and how did the recording work out? Are you satisfied with the result?
TOMMY: The album was recorded and mixed at Sidelake Studios ( in Sundsvall Sweden. Mainly by me and my brother.We also worked with Daniel Bergstrand(In Flames,Soilwork e.t.c) He helped us out with the initial drumrecordings and aswell during the first day of the mix. Great guy to work with. Not to forget is Micke Öhlén the studio owner. We learned alot from him. This record wouldn´t exist without him and his knowledge really.. I could talk forever about the recordingprocess.... more to read on the web though

How have the reviews been this far?
TOMMY: We´ve just started to recieve a few. 4/5 in Kerrang . Album of the Month in Metal Hammer Spain, aswell as in Flash Mag in Italy. BWBK Canada is going to be really great from what I´ve heard. So far the album is getting some nice cred in media,Hopefully some people will buy it aswell.......
SARAH: AMAZING! We feel so anyway!

Most of our readers will recognize Sarah Jezebel Deva, but mostly as a backing vocalist. Personally I think she sounds killer and her voice really comes to display here, better than many of her other projects. Is she enjoying her "new" position as lead vocalist?
SARAH: I will answer that after we have done shows. Performing for the video was amazing though! Made me want to get out there and sing live but, we shall have to wait and see!!

You are now signed on Listenable Records, were there other record labels that showed interest in you? How many albums are you signed for?
SARAH: We had lable interest but it wasnt the easiest deal to find. Nothing is perfect but im glad we picked Listenable. We are signed for 2 albums and a mini (EP)

I know it's early, but I am already looking forward to the continuation. Have you started working on new material for a sophomore album?
CHRIS: If you´re reffering to a new Angtoria album, we havn´t really gotten the chance to start working with the next album properly yet. We already have some material and ideas for the next album, but havn´t actually had time to start forming them yet. We´ve been so busy working in the studio recording this album, and all preparations for filming the video etc. that we simply havn´t had time yet.. But now that everything´s pretty much done for this album, we will start composing for the next album straight away.
SARAH: We have 3 songs already on stand by and a planned cover song,which we wont announce untill its ready.I have good idea's but its a bit too early. Give it a few months and we will start writing and recording again!

Do you have a tour planned? Will we be seeing you in Norway?
CHRIS: As of yet we don´t have any tours planned. Our intentions and goals are to be able to play live and do tours as soon as possible now followed by the release of our album. But as always it´s all down to the financial side of things, and since this is our first album as Angtoria, we need to see the reaction and the interest in the general public to actually want to pay money for a ticket to see us live. ?But as soon as we are given the opportunity we will most definately play live, do shows and tour, but it´s all up to if people like us enough or not now basically..
SARAH: Again,its too early to say where we will be.The album has only just come out in Norway. Once we have sold some albums and there is a demand to see us, then we will play,anything else would only be premature and go against us.

I read that Richard Andersson (Majestic, Time Requiem, Space Oddesey etc.) is a guest on the album, which songs are has he contributed on? Is it him we hear in the end of 'Deity of Disgust', which by the way was a great song!
TOMMY: Correct! He´s doing the keyboardsolo after the guitarsolo I do on Deity of Disgust. Richard Andersson is an old friend of mine and probably the best keyboardplayer on this planet. Really nice to do the solobattle with him on Deity. Richard did a couple of shows with my former band Moahni Moahna some years ago. He was supposed to do all the keyboards on the third Moahni Album aswell. But we put that on ice. Martin Häggström who sings the male parts on "Deity" is also from Moahni Moahna.

You also do a nice cover of Kylie Minogue's 'Confide in me'. What made you choose that one?
SARAH: To be honest,i dont know! Seemed a good idea at the time haha. Happy we did it though.The original is pretty dark anyway.We all thought it was a good choice but the next cover we do will be 100 times better!

I see that you have been busy lately making a video for the title track "God Has A Plan For Us All", how did that turn out? Have you seen the finished video, if so how did look?
CHRIS: Yes, we actually recorded the video just last week (end of april) and everthing went really well. Despite not having much of a budget for a video, we were able and very fortunate enough to work with amazing people with amazing skills and expertiis that the apperance of the video is way above the actual cost for it. ?It was shot at two different locations, a very beautiful and impressive church (Njurunda Kyrka) and a deteriorated abandoned building. We had a crew of 18 people, a real movie crane, movie lights, high quality movie camera, a 35-piece church choir so everything was done very professionally and even thou we havn´t seen the finished result yet, we´re totally confident in the skills of director Måns Berthas and the amazing crew he put together for us for this video!
TOMMY: There is some pics on the´ll get a hinch.

Do you see yourselves as a project or a band? Do you focus entirely on Angtoria, or are there other projects you tend more to?
CHRIS: We are a band in every sense of the word. And after the video shoot we´ve also now added two more members to complete the line up. John Henriksson from a band called My Own Grave that we used as a "stand-in" drummer in the video since Andreas Brobjer who we used on the album couldn´t make it here to sweden for the video since he now lives in Los Angeles. John did an absolutely outstanding job behind the drums in the video despite getting only a couple of days notice to practice. Also Dave Pybus from Cradle Of Filth who participated with playing Bass on the album has been added to the band. ?We all focus 110% on Angtoria and hope to be able to make Angtoria the main and only thing we can put our attention to up ahead. But as with everything else, it all boils down to the financial side of things. We all have bills to pay, families and children to support which requires us to earn money from somewhere of course. And until if or when we are able to earn our livings thru working only with Angtoria, we all have to engage in other activities - jobs and other bands in order to earn money so we can put food on the table..
SARAH: A band.We always have been regardless of who is or isnt in the band. But im still with CoF. As far as im concerned,we are ALL free to do what we wish! Why give musicians rules? I feel a record company only sets down rules if they look upon you as a product! We are no product! I would never allow us to be! We are musically free in my eyes.

Thank you so much for your time and good luck with the album launch! Any last comments?
SARAH: Thank you for your time! Buy 20 copies each of the album

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