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ENFORSAKEN - Vi Har Alle En Sinners Intuition i Oss


Vi har alle en Sinners Intuition i oss

- Tekst av Vegar Myrstad, 2. mai 2006 -


Etter å ha debutert som skribent her på det Streets med intervju av den for meg da helt ukjente Enforsaken gitaristen Steve Stell, etter deres debut 'The Forever Endeavor'. Var det denne gangen av ren skjær nysgjerrighet jeg igjen sendte over noen spørsmål i anledning deres glimrende oppfølger 'Sinner's Intuition'. Steve sviktet heller ikke denne gangen og gav fyldig tilbakemelding på alle punkter.

Hello! Congratulations on your release 'Sinner's Intuition', a great album I must say.Thank you. We're all very pleased with how it came out. So far the reviews have been extremely positive. We're all definitely proud of this one.

Where was the album recorded, and how did the recording work out? Are you satisfied with the result?It was recorded in Wisconsin at Studio One with Chris Djuricic. That's where we've recorded all of the Enforsaken releases. The studio is about 1 hours drive from where we live in Chicago. The whole recording process went smooth this time. The atmosphere was very relaxed this time around. Chris is a great engineer and it's always a pleasure to work with him. He knows exactly what's he's doing at all times, so that definitely reduces the stress level on the rest of us greatly. And yeah, I'm happy with how Sinner's Intuition came out. There's always little things that you wish you could fix, but this one is sitting very well with us. On our last album, The Forever Endeavor, we over-analyzed every little thing. To the point where some of us lost our minds, haha. It was our first album, and we of course wanted it to be perfect. However, I think we picked at it too much. That album would have come out better if we would have just left things alone. Not be so picky about drum tones, guitar tones etc. You have to try to get the best sounds in the studio as you can, but you can take it too far sometimes and just end up in recording hell. I'm making it sound worse than it is, I know, haha. I'm a perfectionist, so I'll probably never be 100% happy with anything, but yes, Sinner's Intuition sounds good to me. I'm happy.

How have the reviews come out so far? The reviews have been absolutely great. Very positive. Much better than our last album, haha. Even the German's seem to like it, so that has to be a good sign, haha.

How did you end up with the title, 'Sinner's Intuition'? Does it have any special meaning? You should ask our singer Steven about that. He'll give you the real story, but I'll be more than happy to give you my own fucked up, twisted explanation of it. To me, it means this: Say you're a "Sinner." You eat, sleep and shit sin all day and all night. Cheating on the wife, gobbling down lots of drugs, cheating on your taxes, stealing money from your Grandma, gambling away your social security checks etc. You're a real piece of work. You're just looking for trouble 24/7. There's something inside you that drives you to do all of these things. A little spark inside you. An evil little spark. That's your "Sinner's Intuition." It tells you how to go about doing all of your naughty little deeds. That's the best way I can explain it. We all have a Sinnner's Intuition inside us. It's like, if you steal a Porsche and shortly after end up in a high speed chase on the freeway, with 20 cop cars on your ass, It's your Sinner's Intuition that will show you how to get away from the cops. If your intuition is malfunctioning and being shitty with you, you're going to fucking jail, man. If your intuition is finely tuned and your just totally locked in, then in a matter of no time you'll be back at the crib with a new Porsche in the garage. Safe and sound. Ready to sell it off at the chopshop the next day. Your Sinners Intuition served you well this time. You know what I mean? Kinda? Sorta? Not really? Does that make any fucking sense? Like I said, you should have asked our singer this question, haha.

The last time I did an interview with Enforsaken, after the 'The Forever Endeavor' release, I got the impression you where already working on material for a new album, how come it took two years until 'Sinner's Intuition' was released? It was just the way it happened. We had some record label problems. Also, we write very slow. We make sure that whatever we put out is going to be of high quality. We don't just shit out any riff and put it into a song. Sometimes one song can take 6 months to perfect. I'm not interested in putting out crappy music. If it takes an extra year or two to put an album out, so be it. Some bands put out albums every year, and if you ask me, usually it shows. In a bad way. We're not interested in rushing anything just to get "product" out there.

On 'The Forever Endeavor' I thought you sounded much influenced by the European melodic death, more precisely the Swedish Gothenburg metal scene, is this a genre that inspire you? Oh, of course. But I think we're more influenced by early 90's Swedish stuff. Bands like DISMEMBER, EDGE OF SANITY, GRAVE, ENTOMBED etc. In this day and age, everyone seems to be influenced by In Flames or At The Gates. We like those bands too, but we have been playing longer and are older than most of these kids in new bands. I have been playing guitar for 17 years now, and I'm not even 30 yet. I am into everything from RUSH to CRYPTOPSY. Our music is maturing now. Every bands early material is usually very inspired by their heroes. ENFORSAKEN have now been around for 8 years, so I think we're truly starting to have our own sound. Influences are not so easy to pin on us nowadays. It's metal, it's a little Euro sounding, It's a little American sounding. Call it what you will, I guess. We just want to make good songs at the end of the day.

On Sinner's Intuition I get the feeling you have grown and the style is more characteristic. The comparison to the Gothenburg scene is no longer as distinctive. Is this a correct observance? If so, is this something you have emphasized in your work with the record? Yes, just like I mentioned earlier. Actually, we never tried to sound European, even 5 years ago. We weren't looking to make an album that sounded exactly like DARK TRANQUILLITY. It was just how we played. It was natural to us. We learned how to play our instruments by playing along to early AT THE GATES, CARCASS, DEATH, DISMEMBER, DARKTHRONE and other albums. This was in like, 1991 or something. Both Joe our other guitarist and myself have been playing together since we were kids. The Euro style is just part of our playing style. And I don't think it's anything to be ashamed of, haha. We were playing in this style when TRIVIUM were still dressing up like Smurfs for Halloween, haha.

Are there things you did differently on this recording contra your previous recordings? We didn't practice as a full band for 6 months before we recorded this album. We practiced for 3 hours only 1 week before we went in to record. That's it. Opeth style. I'm amazed at how well the album came out due to the lack of practice. We each practiced at home, on our own, of course. We may do the next cd like this as well. We have been playing together for a long time now. We know each others skills and weakness' at this point. Knowing these things helps us work smarter and more efficiently in the studio these days.

Will there be a tour? Will we be seeing you in Europe some time soon? We'd love to see you in Norway! Ahh! We'd love to come also! But sorry, no plans to come to Europe any time soon.

Since the 'The Forever Endeavor' you have signed for another record label, Crash Music, whom if I recall correctly showed interest in you at an earlier point. What happened with the Century Media deal? Compared to CM, Crash is a quite small label, do you see this as an advantage or a step in the wrong direction? Yes, we had problems with Century Media. It's just the way it is. Busisness is business. It didn't work out between us. We didn't see eye to eye on many things. And yes, Crash are a small label, but they work hard. They have very good USA distribution, which is important. They get our cd out there as best they can, so that's all we care about. We try to do a lot of promotion ourselves also. And in the end, ENFORSAKEN are an underground band. That's the way we like it. We have a strong following at this point.The kids will find the cds if they want them. They will download the songs etc. That's fine by me. I'm more interested in music nowadays, not the business side. If you just focus on the business side of things, especially in the music business, you'll get depressed pretty quickly, haha.

Are there any more records in the Crash contract? Yes, there's more for CRASH. So far so good.

Are there plans on shooting videos for any of the material? Yes, actually a video is being worked on right now out in California. It's being done by an art student. It's going to be kind of weird. It's going to be sort of like a TOOL video. ENFORSAKEN band members won't be in it. It's in the early stages now. Even I don't know exactly what's going on. We may do a regular video too. We'll see what happens.

Have you started working on the material for the next record, or has it just been 'Sinners Intuition'?There have been some new riffs floating around, yes. But we won't begin serious work on in for at least another 6 months, I'm sure. Like I said, we like to take our time.

The reviews for 'The Forever Endeavor' I have read are mostly all good, and I strongly agree. It was a great album. How did it sell? I believe it sold approx 6,000 actual copies. And was downloaded for free 100,000 times, haha.

Do you all have work besides Enforsaken, or are you in the position to focus fully on the band? Yes, we all have regular day jobs. Death Metal doesn't pay the bills, unfortunately. This is why we cannot tour for extended periods of time. We have commitments at home. Some of us have really good jobs already. I guarantee you that some of us make more money each year than anyone in KILLSWITCH ENGAGE or SHADOWS FALL, haha.

Thank you so much for taking your time to answer our questions, any last comments? Thank you for taking the time to do this interview! Anyone interested in checking out ENFORSAKEN please visit our website or our MySpace page at Cheers!

The End!

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