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GOREFEST - Jan Chris Speaking


Jan Chris Speaking

- Tekst Av Anette Gulbrandsen, 8. oktober 2005 -


Etter flere års stillhet rører det seg endelig i leiren til dødmetallerne i Gorefest igjen. Det nye albumet La Muerte slippes i nær fremtid og i denne anledning tok vi en liten prat med vokalist og bassist Jan-Chris om nyskiva, bruddet, inspirasjoner osv.

You've been in the studio, and the new record is finished, what can the fans expect from the new release? If you were into "False" and "Erase", you will like this one, it's back to the essence of Gorefest. I think this album is the best one we've made so far. It was hard but at the same time a breeze to record, it came easily together.

But isn’t that the opinion one always have after a new release? No, not really. After "Soul" I did not feel that.

Since you are back together with the original line-up now, was it natural for you to go back to the original "death-sound" you had, as apposed to the sound you had on the previous two records? Yes, because when we were picking out the songs for this summers festivals, we all agreed on songs from "False" and "Erase", and just one from "Soul Survivour". We did not think so much about it, it kind of came naturally.

What do you think this split has done to you all individually? We have grown both as people and musicians. Frank had never been playing in another band except Gorefest, Jan had one band, but now that we have been working with other people, it has really expanded our horizons. We communicate much better now as well.

What do you think of the music-biz today? I think it has changed over the past ten years, the live-wages has gone up quite a lot. Heavy music is more accepted today, as bands like Limp Bizkit has entered the scene, which is good, although that is not my style at all.

There are many good bands from Holland today, in the death-metal scene, but are you familiar with The Gathering? Sure, we kind of grew up with them, but they changed their style, and have sort of created their own little world. It's really not my thing, but their sales are good and they do well on tours. I think they deserve more credit than they get, really.

Are there any non-metal bands/artist you listen too? Sure, Bowie, Killing Joke, Placebo, Ministry.....I don't understand jazz, and I don't like reggae.....

Your vocals are pretty unique sounding, are there any other singers you are inspired by? Thank you! I like Chuck Schuldiner (Death), Kam Lee (Massacre) and Chris Reifert (Autopsy)

Do you have any tour-plans, and will you visit Norway? Yes! we will go on a full European tour on the 17th of February (06), for 38 days. I think Finland is the only place we won’t visit then!

I saw your gig at Wacken this year, it seemed like the public was excited about your gig! What did you think about the gig, in terms of feeling welcome, and responce-wise? Great! We felt very welcome! Wacken was our most important gig this summer, and we were a bit nervous, but we received great reactions from the crowd.

And what about the response on the new album so far? The response have gone from very good to extremely good! We were not expecting any big feedback on it, and were actually worried about it. We wondered if somebody would still remember us, and if there was any room for us today.

I am very certain there is room for Gorefest, and I think the albums sounds great! Let's hope they will continue playing for a long time, thanks to you Jan-Chris for the interview!

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