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MELIAH RAGE - Skal De Endelig Få Oppmerksomheten De Fortjener?

Skal de endelig få oppmerksomheten de fortjener?

Som den årvåkne leser ganske sikkert har lagt merke til anmeldte undertegnede for en stund siden albumet 'Death Valley Dream' til solide 7 stjerner. Dette albumet ble opprinnelig utgitt I 1997, og derfor var det naturlig å ta en telefon til bandets grunnlegger og drivkraft, Anthony Nichols, for å spørre om grunnen til re-lanseringen.

I was a bit surprised when I recived 'Death Valley Dream' in the mail. I bought the album back in 98 (I think..) and thought it was a great album, and still do. What is the reason for re-releasing the album? - Well,first of all , its not only re-released,it is also re-mastered. We have allways thought that the bass was not as good as it should be, and that was one of the things we wanted to improve. The album did not do to good back then , probably for several reasons , metal did not do to good in general at the time , you had the grunge and several other things , metal was just not as popular as it was back in the 80's and again today.

For those out there who don’t know the band Meliah Rage , how would you describe your music? - Its hard to describe our music, because we don’t go into studio determinded to make one special kind of music, it just happens to come out this way. If I had to put a label on it it would probably be Heavy Metal with a touch of trash.

And what about plans for a new album, I think I read somewhere you are planning to release new material in 2008 - Yes, that is correct , we are planning to release the new album late summer 2008. No title yet for the album , but we have already recorded a song with Metal Churchs Ronny Munroe as guest vocalist. The new album will also be much faster then our previous releases.

How do you work when you record new stuff, who composes the music and who writes the lyrics? - Im the guy who writes and arranges all the music.Then I send some tapes to the vocalist and point out the verses and he takes it from there. Im not a lyrics guy so the other guys take care of that.

And where do you get your inspiration from today, any new bands that you like? - You might say Im stuck in my generation, I usually listen to the old trash scene and the british heavy metal scene from the 80's. If I had to name a band it would have to be Iced Earth, Im a big fan of them. And also Arch Enemy, once you get used to the "singing" its very good he he

I checked Meliah rage out on the internet, and I must admit I was not to impressed, your web pages are not very updated…? - He he , you are probably correct,the page is handled by our label, and I guess there are to many bands to take care of. But it will be updated before we release our new album. We also have a myspace page wich is more up to date, because here we can do updating ourselves. Keep an eye out for a unreleased music video , 'Prideland' from 'Death Valley Dream' , wich has been lost and never showed before.

Any plans for touring in 2008? - We are working with some dates, and have also been talking about festivals. But since the new album will be out late this year it is probably more realistic with festivals next year. We all have regular jobs , so we need to plan well ahead to get things going for everyone. Hopefully with the new album and the popularity of metal as it is today we might be able to make some more money and then be able to tour more.

I hope so too, because then we might se Meliah Rage in Europe. Do yourself a favor and check out these guys!!

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