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ANTICOSM Release Official Video for 'Call of the Void'

ANTICOSM album2019

New Jersey Blackened Thrashers ANTICOSM have released the official video for "Call of the Void," a track from the band's forthcoming album The Call of the Void. The video was directed by Gabriel Francis at Backroom Studios and can be viewed below:



ANTICOSM will release The Call of the Void through their own label, Hell Kill Destroy Records. on August 16. You can pre-order the album at:


The Call of the Void features founding members Kirill Kovalevsky (vocals), Mark Siedlecki II (lead and rhythm guitars) and Beheader (drums), along with bassist Tom Wilson. New guitarist Keith Romanski joined the fold shortly after the album was recorded.


The album was recorded and mixed by Brendan Smith at Brady Street Recordings in Waldwick, New Jersey and produced by ANTICOSM and Brendan Smith, with mastering by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio. Artwork and design by Metastazis, a graphic design studio out of Paris, France, formed and led by Valnoir (MORBID ANGEL, WATAIN, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER).


The band previously released a lyric video for album track "Somewhere Between Life and Death." Check it out below:



ANTICOSM album2019



Someone Must Suffer
Scorched Earth
Call Of The Void
Fall Asleep
Somewhere Between Life And Death
Behold The Venom Crystals
The Only Truth
Never Enough


ANTICOSM have made their previous three recordings available for fans to download free (support via donation is appreciated) at



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