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ARSHENIC Release New Live Videos


On 30.08.2019 in Protokultura, Gdansk, Arshenic performed all of the songs from their new album Final Collision, that came out on 20.08. The whole show was recorded and two music videos were created: Final Collision and Atari. The idea was to catch the enegry and dynamics of the band performing live but also adding some modifications in post-production process, that will make the video more creative and innovative.


Final Collision is a dark, atmospheric metal song with soft verses and heavy choruses. It has melodic vocals and screams in the bridge. The song is about spiritual awakening and what it brings at the beginning – the senselessness of existence, isolation, and impression of being deceived by all authorities. “They won’t understand” is referring to people who live their life in matrix.


Atari is the only Polish song on the album. Its a humorous auto ironic story about people who decide to live as outsiders. About rebels, who do not want to be a part of the system. It’s an expression of how we feel being seen by other people.




Final Collision is a second LP from the Polish band Arshenic. It was recorded in September 2018 in Osso Studio in the groups hometown of Gdańsk. The album contains 8 new songs and 2 previously released tracks in the form of Monster and Unspoken (both CD only). Stylistically it is inspired by such genres as goth rock, art rock, folk, progressive rock and modern metal.


Throughout the album you will experience different styles and moods. For example, there’s a progressive ballad (Sign), uptempo rock songs (eg. Follow), doomish and progressive (Dear Remorse), both calm and heavy tracks (Madness, Cold) and an apocalyptic, complex tune (Final Collision).


The sound of the album is mainly defined by the various types of female vocals (both singing and screaming), clean and distorted guitars, diverse bass parts and dynamic drum playing with a hint of electronics, cellos and orchestral sounds in the background.


As far as lyrics are concerned, Arshenic cover topics like individualism, self-expression and inner emotional states, and are written mostly in a dark poetic manner. Also there are references to mysticism, magic and the unseen world which makes it even darker and more intriguing. You will also find references to freedom, death and resurrection.


In conclusion, Final Collision is a diverse mix of ideas in a dark style, from a group at the peak of their powers, that every fan of this type of art will be pleased with.


ARSHENIC album2019


Track Listing:

01. Final Collision
02. Dear Remorse
03. Follow
04. Rabbit Hole
05. Madness
06. Cold
07. Sign
08. Atari
09. Monster
10. Unspoken


Note: The tracks Monster and Unspoken do not appear on the MP3 download version of the album.


Final Collision | Released August 20th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records


Available now from: Shop Sliptrick | Apple Music | Spotify | & other major stores



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