BATTLEROAR New album 'Codex Epicus' in June via Cruz Del Sur Music


Greek epic/power metal force BATTLEROAR is currently putting the finishing touches on their fifth full-length album, 'Codex Epicus', which is set for a June 15th release via Cruz Del Sur Music. The follow-up to 2014’s 'Blood Of Legends' was recorded at Devasoundz Studios in Athens, Greece and will feature a guest appearance from someone very familiar to fans of epic metal: MANILLA ROAD guitarist/vocalist Mark Shelton. The cover artwork is being created by Vagelis Petikas of Revolver Design.


The title symbolizes that in order to create something that will stand the test of time, something epic, you need to fight and struggle for it,” says guitarist Kostas Tzortzis. “We drew our inspiration from the ‘Codex’, a book written by worthy men well before our time. We wanted to portray that after gaining knowledge from the ‘Codex’, you could now create music that is epic and fitting of the book.


'Codex Epicus' will mark the second BATTLEROAR album with vocalist Gerrit Mutz (also of SACRED STEEL). Mutz, who can also be heard on the band’s 2017 split with long-running U.S. metal bastions OMEN, is described by Tzortzis as someone who “sings with great passion and strength.” Asked to describe the sound of “Codex Epicus”, the guitarist says BATTLEROAR fans should expect something even more bold and grandiose compared to “Blood Of Legends”, along with some added wrinkles thrown into the mix.


Musically speaking, the album has some new elements to present,” says Tzortzis. “But, overall, it’s definitely melodic, powerful, doomy and most certainly epic! We worked really hard on the songs and tried to come up with some new twists and turns while properly representing the history of BATTLEROAR.


BATTLEROAR will support 'Codex Epicus' with extensive live shows across Europe.


Originally formed in 2000, BATTLEROAR’s self-titled debut album was released in 2003. The band followed it up with 'Age Of Chaos' in 2005 before joining Cruz Del Sur for the release of 2008’s 'To Death And Beyond…'.



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