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BURIAL VAULT new lyric video and digital EP



Burial Vault unveil the lyric video for “venoMutilation”. It tells a tough story about a regular member of the working class that turns into a drug addict because there seems to be no other way but to work overtime to make ends meet. Jörg Harms (Black Vision Films) did a fantastic job in finding the right pictures to illustrate the lyrics. This song is taken off their forthcoming digital EP “Left Unburied” which features previously unreleased material by the melodic death metal outfit.



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Tracklist 'Left Unburied':

1. Insomnia
2. venoMutilation
3. Trapped In This Meaningless Human Shell


Get the digital EP here:


Every band has a different way to find its own musical identity, to give certain elements a try and to think outside the box. After the recordings of their full-length-debut “Ekpyrosis (Periodic Destruction)”, Burial Vault had to face two line-up changes in 2010 and 2011. Although the band already started writing a concept album based on Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” (which was released as “Incedium” in 2013), the North Germans decided to do a little studio experiment.


Within just a couple of weeks, they wanted to write and record three songs to capture as much of the spontaneity as possible. In order to prevent formulas that might have been part of their process after two EPs and the aforementioned album they used a different guitar-tuning and defined a different direction for each song: doom, (brutal) death metal and blackened thrash.


They called it the “Left Unburied” sessions and the results were recorded at Soundlodge Studio with producer Jörg Uken (Anvil, God Dethroned, Dawn Of Disease, Sinister…). But it never felt right for Burial Vault to release them as bonus material for one of their albums. Nearly 10 years after they were recorded, the songs fit better than ever to the band’s style. The small experiments that made their way into the compositions also became a part of their sound. Now, these little gems find a way into the light of day in the form an online EP. And the artwork by Chris Kiesling (Misanthropic Art Illustrations) fits perfectly with the character of “Left Unburied”.


Apostasy Records, the band’s label home since its debut, is proud to release „Left Unburied” on May 15th online.



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