CALIBAN release 'Intoxicated' from 'Elements'

CALIBAN album2018

CALIBAN are excited to release the first song and video taken from their upcoming album, 'Elements'. Everybody who came out to their highly successful 'Darkness Over X-Mas'-Tour could already check out 'Intoxicated' live. The video was produced by Iconographic.

Get 'Intoxicated':


The following formats will be available of 'Elements':
Ltd. CD Box Set (including the Ltd. CD Digipak & patch, gym bag, 5 art cards and poster)
Ltd. CD Digipak & patch
Standard CD Jewelcase
Two coloured vinyl options will be available: 200x neon orange LP+CD via Impericon, 100x mint colored LP+CD that the band will sell on live shows.
Several bundle options and preorders of 'Elements' are already up:


The band about the album cover: 'We used the elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water as symbols for realization, ideas, power, and emotion,' guitarist Marc Görtz explains. 'These symbols inspire us to continue to do what we love the most, which is to create, evolve, and be inspired by our music. And these elements directly correspond to the cover art, which was done by Marcel Gadacz (Dream On, Dreamer). He did the art for ‘Gravity’, so we’re happy to have him back.'

For 'Elements', CALIBAN brought back long-time collaborator—going all the way back to 2007’s 'The Awakening'—and studio wizard Benny Richter to co-produce with Görtz at his Nemesis Studios. CALIBAN also hired on Germany-based Andy Posdziech (Any Given Day) and buddy Sebastian ‘Sushi’ Biesler (Eskimo Callboy), as well as Australia-based Callan Orr (Dream On, Dreamer) to assist in the recording process. 'Elements' was mixed by Görtz and mastered by Olman Viper, whose repertoire includes previous CALIBAN albums 'I Am Nemesis' (2012), 'Ghost Empire' (2014), 'Gravity' (2016).

'The production on Elements was pretty different,' says Görtz. 'The instrumental side of the production was produced by me, Andy, and Callan. Then, Benny and myself worked on fine-tuning the music. The vocals, however, were produced by Benny, with Sushi acting as a vocal coach. We wanted Benny to focus on the vocals and the vocal production. Getting them right was very important to us.'


CALIBAN album2018



01. This is War
02. Intoxicated
03. Ich blute für Dich
04. Before Later Comes Never
05. Set Me Free
06. My Madness
07. I Am Fear
08. Delusion
09. Carry On
10. Masquerade
11. Incomplete
12. The Great Unknown
13. Sleepers Awake
14. Dark Shadows
15. Forsaken Horizon

The following festivals are already confirmed:
03.03.2018 (AT) Judenburg - Rise Up Festival
01.-03.06.2018 (DE) Nürburg - Rock Am Ring
01.-03.06.2018 (DE) Nuremberg - Rock Im Park
14.-16.06.2018 (DE) Ferropolis - With Full Force
03.-05.08.2018 (RU) Krasnodar - Taman Festival
16.-18.08.2018 (DE) Dinkelsbühl - Summer Breeze



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