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CONFESSIONS OF A TRAITOR Show Their Aim Is True With 'Guided' – Out Oct 18th


The 12-tracks of Guided, from UK melodic metal/hardcore group Confessions Of A Traitor, are a musical exploration and a refinement of the band’s journey so far, filled with the energy of their live performance, raw heaviness, and the soaring melodic sing-along hooks that the band has gained notoriety for. Lyrically, it is an expression of the positive elements of our dark psyche and the trials that we all eventually have to endure.


Featuring the likes of Ryan Kirby of Fit For a King and Scott Kennedy of Bleed From Within, the band have formed bonds with other musicians that share their values of hard work, honesty, positivity and faith. With Guided, Confessions Of A Traitor intend to spread the message of belief and self-worth, and leave the listener knowing that there will always be hope.

Track by track by the band:


Kansas is A short introduction to who we are as a band, our ethos, our mantra. It’s about having the drive and determination to never be scared to step outside our boundaries, standing by our beliefs.


Twelve is directly addressing negative behaviours and how we are moulded by them, to move forward we must shed the dead weight. Ultimately having a brief moment of clarity where you see and feel what it would be like if your self destructive nature wasn’t holding you back.


Design Me shows that although we are influenced and shaped by those around us, it sometimes takes time to realize what poisonous people can do to you. Manipulation through bullying and ridicule can change our personalities to fit the intended’s design. Breaking free from their grasp can be the hardest thing, but ultimately we need to rediscover who we are.


A Truthful Heart – We all at times chose to wear a mask to hide our true selves. Lies and bent truths often follow quickly behind hiding who we really are. This can lead to a false identity that we portray to the world. It is only when we can love ourselves that we can live as who we really are.


Myra (feat. Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King) – Loss is an unfortunate part of life, the damage of losing someone so young to cancer is irreparable. Strength is often born in the silence of suffering. Myra aims to spread the message that even in the darkest of times your faith can help you to carry on.


Ocean Air – When our actions or burdens play on our minds, the dread of dragging others into our negative outlook often contributes to pushing those we care about away. We need to realize that there is always someone there for us. Asking for help is not weakness.


Rai is a story about a child’s love for his parents that is not reciprocated. Disowned by his father, discarded by his mother he questions why he can’t be loved.


Early Hours – Suffering from sleep paralysis and night terrors. Stephen often stays awake most nights to avoid having to face what haunts him when he sleeps.


Churchill (feat. Scott Kennedy of Bleed From Within) – Failure is often seen as weakness but many do not realize that fail stands for first attempt in learning. We grow from our mistakes, allowing us to continue on even in the face of doubt and ridicule from others.


With White Whale we take a metaphorical look at the journey that we have been on as a band and the struggles that some of our members have faced. This song is an homage to those that helped create the album.


Fearless stands as a reminder to never be afraid of any of your endeavours. With decision comes doubt and you have to dig deep and find your courage to blur the uncertainty. Pursue what sets your soul on fire, follow your heart not your mind.


In Collateral we tell a story about self damage and hurting those around us. Often choosing to run away than face the underlying issue. It is only when we hit the lowest point do we realize that we cannot keep running.




Track Listing:

01. Kansas

02. Twelve

03. Design Me

04. A Truthful Heart

05. Myra

06. Ocean Air

07. Rai

08. Early Hours

09. Churchill

10. White Whale

11. Fearless

12. Collateral


Myra features Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King
Churchill features Scott Kennedy of Bleed From Within


Guided | Released on October 18th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records | Pre-order now!


Parkway Drive | While She Sleeps | Northland | Lamb Of God





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