CONSECRATION prepare to release Remembrance


Beneath the endless, foreboding skies of East Anglia, the region of England most steeped in tales of witchcraft and witch burnings, where the dark, empty fens stretch out to become the labyrinthine reed beds and marshes and eventually the cold North Sea, comes a sound of desolate doom, aching emptiness, nightmare and shadows…


For eight years Consecration have been labouring in the darkness, slowly building a legion of fans dedicated to their eldritch endeavours; to many though, their music has remained an obscure secret...until now. On June 22nd Consecration will release a vast digital anthology entitled Remembrance, which will unlock the vault and allow the light to fall upon their incredible canon of work so far. Eight years of morbid incantations and melancholy summoning unleashed, from the black thunder of the unforgiving Gut The Priest EP, to the bleak majesty of the Ephemerality album, with a host of additional material haunting the spaces in between. This is Consecration’s first eight years of recorded material in its entirety, a fully restored and remastered digital compendium of their psalms of sorrow and cursed litanies of loss.


These are the hymns of heartbreak upon which a monolith will be built. These are the spirit-crushing sounds that will form the foundations of a legacy of mourning, an empire of tears. Beware, the future is bleak indeed…and when the shades of night draw in don’t say that you weren’t warned. The gates of the crypt are open and the spirits of Consecration are at large.


Remembrance will be available exclusively at the Consecration Bandcamp site from June 29th.


Tracks 01-08 originally appeared on the Ephemerality album, released 2014, tracks 09-12 previously unreleased 2011 demo recordings, tracks 13-18 appeared in their original form on the 2010 EP Gut The Priest.
All tracks restored and remastered for this compilation.




Track Listing:


1 – In Decayed Embrace
2 – Buried Alive
3 – Echoes Of The Dead
4 – The Visitant
5 – The Summoning Of Sufferance
6 – Purity Through Pain
7 – Inviting The Impure
8 – Thy Requiem Lament
9 – The Darkening
10 - Persecution Dominion
11 – Inviting The Impure
12 – Horse
13 – The Vine
14 – Consecration
15 – Gut The Priest
16 – The Ever Dying
17 – Cast Down For The Burning
18 – The Vine (Reprise)


Consecration - Remebrance promo video:




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