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DEPTHS OF HATRED announce new album 'Inheritance'


DEPTHS OF HATRED return with their new album, Inheritance, their first full length release via Prosthetic Records - due out on March 19, 2021. With a new vocalist, a new sound and a new energy to kick off 2021 - DEPTHS OF HATRED have lost none of the technical edge that made them stand out from the death metal pack. To accompany the album release, lead single Fastidious Imitation is available on all streaming platforms.


On the next chapter of the band, DEPTHS OF HATRED comment, "We worked hard with our new lineup and on our new sound to really bring things up a level. With a diverse choice of songs, we feel that the final product is a new chapter for DEPTHS OF HATRED. We cant wait for everyone to hear what we've put together."


Watch the video for Fastidious Imitation below:



Keeping production duties in house and allowing themselves to work at their own pace has resulted in a polished, mature sounding collection of songs, which was then mixed and mastered at The Grid Studio by Christian Donaldson (Beneath The Massacre, Shadow Of Intent).


Despite having joined the band two years ago, this is the first recording to feature vocalist William Arseneau; his clean vocals shine through, bringing a new dynamic to the band. Featuring ominous cover art depicitng the nature of the album’s themes by Alexandre Goulet, William elaborates on the concept of Inheritance: "Born in a small community, a young child is chosen to inherit the soul of his father - the great leader. By retracing the steps of his predecessors, he becomes at one with an inter-generational pattern that came to be, many moons ago.


A progressive slant to their rejuvenated sound means that they have stayed true to their definitive death metal roots, yet allowed themselves the opportunity to open up and explore metalcore and beyond. With ambitions to take their new material on the road as soon as they are able to do so, DEPTHS OF HATRED have every intention of making this fresh start really count.





01. Enslaved Through Lineage
02. Sadistic Trials
03. Pulsating Rhythm
04. Fastidious Imitation
05. Drop of Red
06. Illusive Obsession
07. The Gift of Consciousness
08. Shivers
09. Inheritance
10. The End of Ourselves
11. Emerging as One


Inheritance is available to pre-order now.



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