DEVIL MASTER Unveil New Video 'Black Flame Candle'

DEVIL MASTER album2019

DEVIL MASTER give us a second taste of their forthcoming album today with new single and video “Black Flame Candle”:







Here is the third track to the album, a deathrock metal-punk stomper, set to us breaking into an abandoned church while almost choking/freezing our good friend Eric to death, after pumping him full of hallucinogens…


Additionally, DEVIL MASTER announce US March tour dates spanning from March 1st in Richmond, VA to March 17th in Philadelphia, PA for the official Satan Spits on Children of Light Record Release Party. All confirmed tour dates are available below.


Satan Spits on Children of Light is due out March 1st on CD/LP/CS/Digital. Physical pre-orders are available via HERE and Digital Downloads / Streaming Services HERE.


Philadelphia’s DEVIL MASTER stake their claim as one of the most venomous, twisted entities in the underground with their hellish debut, Satan Spits on Children of Light. The album, recorded with mastermind Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Volahn, Code Orange, Prurient) rattles the very gates of hell with a vile dose of black metal-infused punk mayhem.


We’re not pandering to any trends or other genres. It’s entirely its own thing. It’s for people to open their minds and have fun with-but also get lost in.” Such is the gospel according to DEVIL MASTER guitarist Darkest Prince, as it concerns the six-sided musical legion he helped actualize in 2016. Swirling in the ominous fog that clings to the cobblestones of their native Philadelphia, DEVIL MASTER conjure an unholy trinity of death rock, punk and black metal that manages to transcend all three. Commanding the steel of Venom, the fury of Bathory’s earliest years and the raw, uncompromising nature of the notorious GISM, Satan Spits of Children of Light sees the band emerge from the grave and reach new blasphemous heights.


After a pair of self-issued, self-recorded cassette releases-2016’s DEVIL MASTER demo and 2017’s Inhabit The Corpse EP (both of which were later fused together on 2018’s Manifestations compilation) – DEVIL MASTER greets the final year of this bizarre decade with their first proper full-length. Satan Spits on Children of Light is available for pre-order here.


DEVIL MASTER album2019




01. Listen, Sweet Demons...
02. Nightmares in the Human Collapse
03. Black Flame Candle
04. Devil Is Your Master
05. Christ's Last Hiss
06. Skeleton Hand
07. Nuit
08. Gaunt Immortality
09. Desperate Shadow
10. Her Thirsty Whip
11. Dance of Fullmoon Specter
12. Webs of SorrowWebs of Sorrow
13. XIII




02/07: Portland, OR – Torment is Flesh Vol. 2

03/01: Richmond, VA – Chicken Fiesta
03/02: Greensboro, NC – Fantasy
03/03: Atlanta, GA – The Earl
03/04: Birmingham, AL – Below
030/6: Houston, TX – Dan Electro’s
03/07: Austin, TX – Barracuda
03/08: Dallas, TX – Regal Room
03/09: Oklahoma City, OK – Mothership Connection
03/10: Kansas City, MO – TBA
03/11: Chicago, IL – Ranchos Huevos
03/12: Toronto, ON – Coalition
03/13: Ottawa, ON – Pour Boy
03/14: Montreal, QC – La Plante
03/15: New York City, NY – Sabbat’s Lair
03/16: Montclair, NJ – The Meatlocker
03/17: Philadelphia, PA – PhilaMOCA (Record Release Party)


04/11 – 04/14: Washington, D.C. – Damaged City Fest
04/12: Philadelphia, PA – Decibel Metal & Beer Fest – The Foundry
04/13: Cleveland, OH – The Phantasy
04/18: Washington, D.C. MD – Atlas Brew Works



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