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ECITON New Video 'Estimated Effort' Out Today!!


Danish death metal combo Eciton are proud to release their official video for the song "Estimated Effort", taken from their album "Suspension of Disbelief” released on 06 03 2020 via Wormholedeath/The Orchard.

"Estimated Effort" Official Video:



"Suspension of disbelief" is Eciton's third album and it features fast catchy brutality taken to the border and mixed with technical riffs. The text revolves around man's mental state and double standards."


ECITON album2020


Tracklist 'Suspension of Disbelief':

01. Demagogue
02. Belief
03. Written Awareness
04. Suicide Protest
05. Twisted Politics
06. Social Pacifier
07. Penetrated Sorrow
08. Thoughts
09. Estimated Effort
10. Toxic Luxury



"Suspension of Disbelief” can be purchased on all digital stores HERE!



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