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After six long years the smiling slammers have returned! In 2014 Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy released their 8.1.2. EP, featuring the pit anthem ‘Let Me See Some Hammers’, proving it was possible to play the most brutally heavy and technically adept slam death without the grimacing and chest beating. Now their brain-melting brutality and wicked sense of humour is presented across a full length album of bone-breaking brutality that will have you laughing as you die! Grab your hairspray and dive on in to Glam Not Slam!


Saying it as it is, Glam Not Slam opens with the self-explanatory ‘Worthless Intro You Will Skip’, before unleashing the monstrous punch to the gut that is first single ‘Knights In Slammin’ Service’. From that point on the album is a whirlwind of twisting riffs, bludgeoning bass, rabid drumming and sickening vocals. Despite the light hearted titles of songs like ‘I Bless the Slams Down In Africa’ and ‘Pour Some Pitriffs On Me’ these tracks are heavier than life itself. Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy understand every nuance of brutal, slamming death metal and that’s what gives them the ability to bring their fresh, individual approach to the table so successfully. You don’t have to be angry to slam harder than the rest!


Gore House Productions will unleash this energy infused fireball of joyful aggression on April 24th and when Glam Not Slam hits the doubters will be staying down.


The Knights In Slammin’ Service are coming to your town and it’s time to have some fun – join the carnival or be crushed beneath the wheels!



Track Listing:


1 – Worthless Intro You Will Skip
2 – Knights In Slammin’ Service
3 – My Studies At The Slamming Brutal Death University
4 – Some Kisses
5 – 8.1.2. And Life (Pitriffs Gone Wild)
6 – I Bless The Slams Down In Africa
7 – 10,000 Slam Thots (In One)
8 – Overnight (Slammin' Brutal Death Metal) Sensation
9 – Pour Some Pitriffs On Me
10 – No Ghey Black Metal! (Only Good Shit)


Presale link: Gore House Productions


Genre: Brutal Slam Death Metal
For fans of: Devourment | Party Canon | Guttural Secrete | Disgorge



Gore House Productions will unleash this energy infused fireball of joyful aggression on April 24th and when Glam Not Slam hits the doubters will be staying down.



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