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EVENT RELENTLESS Sign With Wormholedeath

Event Relentless band

Finnish Modern metal band Event Relentless have signed a contract for the release of their upcoming new album with Wormholedeath. In conjunction with the band’s management, THP production, we are proud to announce their “Nordic Summer Madness Tour” with 9 gigs over Ukraine. TOUR POSTER HERE. To celebrate the event the band have a brand new video announcement.



Event Relentless is finnish metal band, which was founded in 2013. Band’s debut EP “Cold Black November” got released in September 2015, and on following year „Event Relentless” made their first European tour which contained shows in Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Finland, Latvia and Czech Republic.


The tour was successful and it brought new audience for the band from Finland and Eastern European countries. After the tour band started recording their second EP “Under Ice”, which got released on February 2017 via „Inverse Records”. The release has received positive feedback and good reviews in the metal medias all around the world.


Meanwhile recording their third EP, band made their second tour in EasternEurope. Their third self-titled EP “Event Relentless” got released in July 2018 via „Inverse Records”. For the promotion of release, „Event Relentless” made their third European tour which had shows in Ukraine, Poland and Latvia.


On the beginning of 2019 band will start to record their debut album, and on the March 2019 band will go touring to Balkan countries for the first time.




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