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EXIST release second single from upcoming album 'Egoiista. The Lottery'

EXIST band

EXIST have released the second single to be taken from their upcoming third studio album, Egoiista. The Lottery is available to stream on all platforms now, and can also be listened to via the Youtube below:



Blending extraordinary technical proficiency with eccentric arrangements, and imbued with moments of fusion and atmospherics, Egoiista puts EXIST firmly on the map of modern progressive metal.


EXIST'S Max Phelps comments:
"The Lottery was the first song written for all of Egoiista, it goes all the way back to 2014, so needless to say we're very excited that it's finally seeing the light of day!"


Much of the material on Egoiista first came into being prior to their last album, 2017’s So True, So Bound. Six of the eight songs that make up Egoiista were reviewed, reshaped and additionally given an extra lease of life thanks to new drummer Brody Taylor-Smith. The passage of time since the original tracks were sketched out has also allowed time for the skill and proficiency of its architects to develop further. Two additional tracks were written prior to recording that rounded out the opus into a fully formed collection.


The lyrical exploration of the finite nature of life and the fragility of human existence takes on a very personal slant given the health problems that vocalist/guitarist Max Phelps has encountered in the past two years. A life-threatening abdominal aneurysm gave him plenty of cause to reflect on his own life and humanity as a broader concept - themes that give Egoiista its foundation.


EXIST album2020


Egoiista track list:

1. Through Suffering He Paints The Universe
2. The Lottery
3. Until The Storm Comes
4. Infinite Monkey Theorem
5. Siblings Born Into Different Dimensions
6. Egocosm
7. Last Flight Looming
8. Spotlight's Glow
9. Amongst The Trees


Egoiista will be released on August 28 - pre-orders are available now.




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