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EXIT reveals new details about new upcoming album 'Traces of Human Existence'!

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Thrash/Death Metal maniacs Exit strike back with burning details about their upcoming album “Traces of Human Existence” (more realistic than ever, huh?), coming out on June 12th through Art Gates Records worldwide.


The artwork of the album has been created by Sandro Büchler and represents not only the various topics of the album, but also the raw and aggressive sound. The sound comes intense, fast and heavy, just like they are playing in your living room.


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Tracklist as follows:


01. The Power The Hate The Greed
02. None Of Our Business
03. The Final Youth
04. Only Pain Is Real
05. Born to Burn
06. Miserable Life
07. Empire
08. To The Void
09. The Lion’s Share


Traces of Human Existence” has been recorded by EXIT and Elliot Smith in fall 2019 at various places. Vocal recordings by Toni Watzinger at Music Passion Switzerland. Mixed and engineered by Rob Hobson at Robert Hobson Music Production, Leeds, UK. Mastered by Daniel Thabet at Liquid Studios, Dorset Vermont, USA.



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