EXOCRINE sign with Unique Leader Records - Release new album details

EXOCRINE album2018

Unique Leader Records is pleased to welcome EXOCRINE to their expanding and highly respected roster.

The Bordeaux, France based technical death metal group will unleash their Unique Leader debut Molten Giant on August 17th. The 8 track effort was tracked by Mathieu Pascal at Bud Studio, Sylvain Octor Perez at Tricerapod Studio, and sees EXOCRINE pushing their jaw dropping technical abilities and song writing maturity to their absolute limit.


The group commented on the signing, “It is with a great pleasure that we join the ranks of such a legendary label as Unique leader Records. Most of the bands that we love are part of their roster and we’ll give the maximum of ourselves to represent our new home as best as we can. We can’t wait to release our upcoming new album to share it with you all!” and said of their new album, “Molten Giant is a huge step forward for Exocrine. We worked extremely hard and pushed our skills and virtuosity to their absolute limit in order to write this insanely fast and technical new album. The album’s sound is a reflection of the artwork: gigantic and monstrous! We recorded drums for Molten Giant with at Bud Studio with Mathieu Pascal (Gorod), tracked the rest at Sylvain’s Triceraprod Studio, and had HK Krauss at Vamacara Studio mix and master the album. We couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out and cannot wait for everyone to hear this!


EXOCRINE album2018


Molten Giant track listing –


1. Scorched Human Society
2. Hayato
3. Backdraft
4. Molten Giant
5. Flamewalkers
6. Lavaburst
7. Behind The Wall
8. The Shape of New World


Pre-orders for Molten Giant will be launched in the coming weeks.


EXOCRINE is a modern progressive technical death metal band from Bordeaux, France, originally formed in 2013 by Sylvain O.P. Bringing to mind such giants as Necrophagist, The Faceless, Obscura, Beyond Creation, Gorod, and Cynic, the band delivers their own progressive, atmospheric take on brutal and technical music.


EXOCRINE’s first album Unreal Existense, which came out in 2015 on Great Dane Records, is a compendium of astonishing technicality, incredibly skillful composition, and a maturity rarely found in bands this young. Their 2017 sophomore album Ascension, out in 2017, also on Great Dane Records, is a 40 minutes piece of sharp songwriting and eviscerating technicality. Supported by a massive wall of drums and bass, the guitars are the driving force in the machinery with tight, intricate, intense riffing and superb harmonies.


These two releases along with a Japanese tour with Obscura and Archspire, and outstanding performances throughout France caught the attention of Unique Leader Records, the highly respected extreme death metal giants and perfect label to push EXOCRINE to a worldwide audience, who signed the band in Spring 2018.


Molten Giant, the groups newest effort, pays homage to Kaiju movies and is a concept album about a nuclear war between a gigantic lava monster and the surviving human beings. The album is indisputably EXOCRINE at their finest and features phenomenal production, blistering guitar playing, ominous, synth heavy atmospherics, and massive unbridled brutality.



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