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FINAL COIL prepare to release 'Convicted Of The Right'


2019 was a triumphant year for Final Coil. Their second album, the powerful concept piece The World We Left Behind For Others was showered with critical acclaim – Zero Tolerance Magazine left nearly speechless by its array of treasures, proclaiming the album to be possessed of “too much awesomeness to mention”. The success of the album lead to appearances at HRH Metal: Metal Meltdown festival with Decapitated and the Fusion Festival with Focus, as well as prestigious London shows with Shonen Knife and then Marky Ramone. As 2020 dawned Final Coil’s stock was higher than ever before. So, before turning the page and leaving this wonderful chapter in their story behind, the band have decided there is one last tale to tell...


On May 1st, in conjunction with label Wormholedeath, Final Coil will release the Convicted Of The Right EP on digital format and limited edition cassette. ‘Convicted Of The Right’ itself is one of the most potent songs on The World We Left Behind For Others and it will lead off the new EP, along with a stunning new promo video recorded by the same team responsible for the magnificent ‘The Last Battle’ clip. The rest of the EP consists of new versions of ‘Empty Handed’, ‘Spider Feet’ and ‘You Waste My Time’ which were recorded live at The Lab studio in London. These vibrant versions of the Final Coil classics offer a completely fresh vision of the original tracks and will be a ‘must have’ for Final Coil fans. The band were also captured on film recording at The Lab and the songs will become available as videos at a later date.


The Convicted Of The Right EP will provide the perfect conclusion to the incredible journey of The World We Left Behind For Others. The journey of Final Coil however, is just beginning...



Track Listing:


1 – Convicted Of The Right
2 – Empty Handed (Live In At The Lab)
3 – Spider Feet (Live At The Lab)
4 – You Waste My Time (Live At The Lab)



For fans of: Riverside | Tool | Glass Hammer | Alice In Chains



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