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The day has come. Today marks the release of "Night Falls", the first single by Italian dark metallers INNO. The song is taken from their upcoming debut album "The Rain Under", to be released on February 28th 2020 via Time To Kill Records.


"Night Falls" is available below:



"Night Falls" is also available on Bandcamp!


The album was produced by the band and mixed by Marco Mastrobuono and Giuseppe Orlando in Rome. Mastering was handled by renowned Danish producer Jacob Hansen (KATATONIA, VOLBEAT, EPICA). Last but not least, the cover artwork was created by Decline Design.


INNO drawing2020


"The Rain Under" tracklist:


01. Suffocate
02. The Hangman
03. Pale Dead Sky
04. The Last Sun
05. Night Falls
06. To Go Astray
07. Goliath
08. Scorched
09. Misericordia
10. High Hopes (Pink Floyd cover)


The first 75 copies of the album will come with a painting by frontgirl Elisabetta Marchetti. Each print (21x21 cm) will be hand numbered and signed by the band. Pre-orders are now available HERE.


The band comment:

"We want you guys to get to know INNO in its entirety and to truly experience what our new album is about. With 'The Rain Under' we’re telling a story about darkness, fear, nightmares and despair.
We thought that nothing would complete our music better than what our singer Elisabetta (who happens to express her visions drawing as well as singing) would come up with when we asked her to visualize the story behind the songs.
She went on and created an obscure and mournful picture, representing one of the concepts we based our writing on: sleep paralysis.
The result left us so chuffed, we decided to print a very limited amount of copies, hand number them and sign them, so that the first amazing fans who will preorder 'The Rain Under' will have this unique and powerful item to complement the trip through the songs".


INNO drawing2020


INNO have furthermore released a short album teaser, which can be viewed below:



Emerging out of the Roman metal scene in 2017, INNO was founded by four veterans with the aim to create something that would differ from their past experiences within the metal world.


After spending a few months exploring their dormant influences, INNO came to shape a dark, doomy, heavy and progressive sound akin to eclectic acts such as Katatonia and The Gathering.


Watch out for more news and audio previews in the weeks ahead!



Elisabetta Marchetti (ex Stormlord, ex Riti Occulti) - Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar
Cristiano Trionfera (ex Fleshgod Apocalypse) - Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Marco Mastrobuono (Hour Of Penance, Coffin Birth) - Bass
Giuseppe Orlando (ex Novembre, The Foreshadowing, Airlines of Terror) - Drums and Percussion


"The Rain Under" is set for worldwide release on February 28th 2020 via Time To Kill Records.


Katatonia, Amorphis, The Gathering, Porcupine Tree



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