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IRDORATH unleash new opus details!


Austrian Black/Thrash Metal act Irdorath finally reveals hot details about their upcoming opus “The Final Sin“, due out on May 1st 2020 through Art Gates Records worldwide.


The artwork design has been created by Giannis Nomikos (GN Art) and represents the concept of the record. Giannis Nomikos showed his astonishing ability in creating an artwork that expresses the lyric themes as well as the intense musical experience of the upcomning record “The Final Sin“. (in words of the band)


As first advance you can now stream the track “Disgust of Enlightenment” below:





Tracklist as follows:


1 – Chains Of Virtue
2 – Debaptized
3 – Redeemer Of The Heretics
4 – Divine Delusion
5 – Disgust Of Enlightenment
6 – The Anthem Of The Final Sin
7 – The Plague, I Am
8 – Shatterer Of Worlds
9 – When The Last Bell Falls Silent


The Final Sin” has been recorded at Sound Delusion Studio and was mixed, mastered and produced at Hertz Studio, Poland.


Preorder 'The Final Sin' HERE!



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