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KAVARA's Debut Album Out Now and Streaming

KAVARA album2019

Fresh off the Forest City London Music Awards' bestowal of "Best Metal Act of 2019," Canadian Melodic Death Metal quintet KAVARA are proud to announce the release of full-length debut album Weathered & Lost. The album can be streamed in its entirety on YouTube below:



KAVARA has also released a studio playthrough video for the song "Mark My Words." The video is available below:



The album's first single, "Scarecrow," can be streamed below.



Emerging from the smoke and debris left by the explosive launch of 2016 debut EP Overthrown, KAVARA ratchets up the intensity, hones the songwriting to a fine point, and devastates the hemisphere with 11 tracks of dyed-in-the-wool melodic death metal! Eschewing trends in favor of authenticity and letting the music do the talking, KAVARA's Weathered & Lost is Death Metal par excellence. Up the volume and revel in the glory of Death! Weathered & Lost was recorded at Icehouse Studios in Goderich, Ontario


KAVARA album2019


Track Listing:


1 Weathered & Lost
2 A Mind Betwixt
3 Scarecrow
4 Tormentor
5 The Reaper
6 Death Sentence
7 Mark My Words
8 Lawn Care
9 Bloodlust
10 Walk of Shame
11 Let the Carnage Manifest


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